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Updated: Dec 8, 2022


So we all know they go round and round, just like the PANIC PORN. It seems our overlords and media liars have squeezed just about all the juice out of COVID they can and have now turned their attention to the flu. And of course RSV; it’s gonna gitcha (Hey whatever happened to monkeypox? Remember when that was gonna gitcha?)

Anyway, I recently wrote about the PANIC PORN over hospitals running out of beds for kids…again, although it never actually happened and the reason they’re stressed at all has more to do with hospital greed and COVID stupidity than all the kids in America needing a hospital bed at the same time. You can read that piece here:

No doubt you have already heard how we all need to mask up and vax up to protect from the evil flu which, although not “novel” will nonetheless gitcha! Here’s today’s headline from hell from our friends at MEDPAGE:

Holy crap! Admissions DOUBLED? 40 TIMES HIGHER than last year?? Well nice knowin’ ya, I’m outta here. Maybe I’ll run to Canada where they’re on a really cool euthanasia kick. But before I pack my bags and skedaddle, we should probably look at some numbers.

Notice the column of flu hospitalizations (numbers from the CDC). Notice last year only 100,000 hospitalizations which is clearly an anomaly and somewhere between only 15% and 25% of the norm, so to scream about 40 TIMES HIGHER isn’t really what one might call…an honest portrayal. The MEDPAGE piece tells us (my bold) “‘Since October 1, there have already been at least 8.7 million illnesses, 78,000 hospitalizations, and 4,500 deaths from flu,’ said CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, MD, MPH, on a call with reporters on Monday, held in part to kick off National Influenza Vaccination Week.” “National influenza Vaccination Week”? That sounds like fun.

But if you divide 78,000 by two months that’s about 40,000 hospitalizations per month. If you double that number for December, January, and February, and then go back to 40,000 for March, April, and May (which is highly unlikely) you get about 440,000 hospitalizations. That number is completely in line with previous years (and far below 2017-2018), which is to say it is nothing to freak out about. So just be aware when you hear your favorite talking head scream about the flu rampaging across the country like the Germans around the Maginot Line, pay attention. THEY’RE LYING TO YOU.

Speaking of lying, remember the stink a few months ago when a 2004 video of everybody’s favorite tiny mastermind surfaced which had people going crazy because Tony said if you had been infected with the flu, that was your best protection but all the “fact-checkers” told us how stupid and wrong we were to hear the words he actually said because that comment was about the flu, NOT COVID! What Fauci actually said was:

Fauci: “Well, no, if she got the flu for 14 days, she’s as protected as anybody can be, because the best vaccination is to get infected yourself…she definitely doesn’t need a flu vaccine. If she really has the flu…because the most potent vaccination is getting infected yourself.”

He seems pretty clear, no? But you see dumb-dumbs, he was talking about the flu, not COVID so you’re stupid prior COVID infection was useless, VAX UP! Yeah, that’s the ticket. Our fact-check friends go on to tell us “COVID-19 is not seasonal, spreads more easily and is far deadlier than the flu.” This was printed in April of this year; by which time we knew that actually the infection fatality rate for COVID is pretty much the same as the flu. Bwah-bwaah. FACT-CHECKERS!!

But here’s the really interesting part. In this MEDSCAPE piece we hear from another “expert” (the chair of the American Medical Association board no less) who tells us “‘It's a perfect storm for a terrible holiday season...And if you've had the flu, be aware that you can get it again. The only thing worse than getting flu once in a season is getting it again,’ Fryhofer explained. ‘You should still get vaccinated once you recover from acute illness to keep from getting it again with a different flu strain.’" She seems pretty clear, no?

So wait a minute, I don’t understand. Didn’t Dr. Science just tell us that you are “as protected as anybody can be” (Hey, remember when Joe Biden told us that very same thing about the COVID vax? Good times. SCIENCE!!) and that if you’ve already had the flu, one “definitely doesn’t need a flu vaccine”? Well really that was 18 years ago...changing science and all.

So which is it? Somebody’s either a liar or an idiot. Who is it? The nation’s top doc or the chair of the AMA board? Do I need a vax if I’ve already had the flu or not??? Experts please help me! I just shook my commemorative Anthony Fauci Magic 8 Ball that I bought from a guy for only 29.95 while we made “Thanks Dr. Fauci” and “I got the Fauci Ouchie” lawn signs and asked it if he’s the idiot (no way Dr. “Fauci Effect” is a liar) and it initially said “Better not tell you now”. I feared I upset it and I panicked and put on my mask and then I shook it again and it told me “My reply is no” so I know the highest paid guy in the federal government can't be the idiot either. I then put it back on its pedestal and genuflected as I walked backwards out of the room (but I kept my mask on just to be safe).

Then I guess that means the other “expert” being quoted with authority must be the liar AND the idiot. But then why is she being quoted as an “expert”? Oh if only someone would tell me what to believe. Commemorative Magic 8 Ball, you’re my only hope!

Do you get it yet? It’s everywhere.

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