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No comment needed…OK, just one comment; the sycophants who worship and laud this genius may be dumber. So there’s that.

People tell me all the time "You can't call him (or others like him) STUPID, he's got all sorts of cool letters after his name. MSNBC says he's an EXPERT (and much more). He has glasses AND a bow tie!! He must be smart." Watch the video and decide for yourself. By the way, every single thing he says has been proven incorrect (if you weren't paying attention, the J&J vaccine was just REMOVED from the market) or a flat out lie (" is picking off young people like we've never seen"). The death rate attributed to COVID in "young" people or "kids" (0-19) after three and a half years is 0.003%. That's three one-thousandths of one percent. If you count "young people" up to age 29, that figure skyrockets up to 0.007%. And remember that's "All deaths involving COVID-19" according to the CDC. And also remember, there appear to be ZERO cases of deaths in young healthy people. ZERO.

How about "I've always said this is a three dose vaccine". Remember that one? Fauci said the same thing. Go back and look for where anybody said that ever before the first "booster" was introduced. I dare you. They're all LIARS. And it's not just that he was wrong every step of the way; not just that he continually lied to the American people, he did it with such certainty. This exposes what's called the "appeal to authority fallacy". Some "expert" says something, and you accept it as truth or fact because an "expert" said it.

If you’re one of the people who “listened to the experts” I hope by now you realize the emperor has no clothes. I believe this pudgy little troll (he LOOKS like an "expert" on health, doesn't he?) should be in a cell right next to Fauci and the rest of them. Nobody is coming to save you, or your children. That’s your job.

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