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So under the rubric of “It always sucks when the facts get in the way of a good story” we today look at some interesting FACTS. Hey, have you seen this data out of Australia that was only made public because the government was sued to release it?

What you’re looking at here is an EXPLOSION of heart problems in YOUNG (ages 10-39) people in Australia in September/October of 2021. The vax was rolled out there for people 16-39 at the end of August 2021. Then LESS THAN TWO MONTHS LATER, in what can only be seen as inexplicable, cardiac episodes in young people go through the roof. I think that’s what they call in scientificacious terms a “coincidence”. But there is NOTHING to see here, so move along…

Now for those of you who are still gullible enough to believe the “experts” when they tell you this cardiac phenomenon could just as easily be from the infection itself (in fact they’ve been lying to us for almost three years that you’re much more likely to have heart issues from the infection than from the vax) you’ll need to explain how Australians were living with COVID for more than a year and a half with no discernible increase in heart issues, then right after the vaccine gets injected into young people…BAM!

Don't believe me (and why should you, I'm a conspiracy kook)? Take a look at this data:

Australians were locked up like Russian dissidents for the better part of two years in an attempt to avoid the 'vid. Then once they stuck their heads out of their little hidey-holes, cases exploded. The problem is the heart issues exploded and peaked in October when there were essentially no cases, but again just after the rollout of the vaccine for young people. Then once cases exploded in late December, the heart issues dropped precipitously, so it doesn't LOOK like the virus caused the heart issues, but then again my name's not Fauci so what do I know? By the way, please notice the heart issues were almost exclusively in young people. Older folks (over 50) had been getting jabbed since early May 2021 with no heart issues. But only once YOUNGER people started getting vaxxed did we see heart problems...only in YOUNGER people; in the EXACT age distribution of vaccine rollout. And also notice the heart issues were the worst in the 10-19 age group. According to the American Heart Association when analyzing myocarditis risk from the vax "Males ages 16-19 faced the highest risk, with young men ages 20-24 having the second-highest risk." In the graph above we see 10-19 with the highest incidence (and remember, that's actually kids age, wait for it, ages 16-19, because the shot had not yet been approved for people younger than 16), followed closely by people age 20-29. Explanations anyone? Oh yeah, I forgot; COINCIDENCE!

Also by the way, not sure why I can’t find this information for Americans, but whatever. Hey look, PUTIN!!

So we forced young people, who were at ZERO risk from COVID, to take an experimental substance to “protect” them from a virus which posed ZERO risk to them, and for our “following the science” we caused LOTS of heart damage (and time will tell what else) to these young people, who were at ZERO risk from COVID. And remember, these were only the cases bad enough to need to go to the emergency room. Who knows how many young hearts have been damage in what might only be discovered decades from now. And we KNEW they were at ZERO risk before the vaccine was ever approved. Boy, I wish I could be one of the really smart people. Oh to dream…

Stop looking to the liars and idiots who run our world for your salvation. NOBODY is coming to save you. Get your own house in order. It’s kind of important.

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