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So here’s a fun headline many of us thought we’d never see: “Should We Bring Masks Back Into the Classroom?” I can’t believe I have to go through this again, but here is some of the nonsense from this piece published in MEDPAGE TODAY (my bold).

“Over the past couple of months, many pediatric hospitals have reported running out of beds necessary to treat severe influenza, RSV, and SARS-CoV-2 infection. The surge in respiratory virus infection has also caused problems for working families. More than 100,000 Americans missed work in October to take care of their sick kids.”

First, NOW we’re concerned about people missing work? For months on end the same idiots who wrote this garbage were the same idiots demanding everybody hide under their beds and demanding we force people to go out of business because…science.

Second, it’s just lazy writing to keep going back to the same well and scooping out the same toxic water, but they insist: Oh no, hospitals are running out of beds…again!! Here’s what’s interesting; if you click the link of “pediatric hospitals” which ostensibly is the justification for telling us how they’re running out of beds, you come to an opinion article entitled “'I've Never Seen Anything Like This' in the Pediatric ED” Oh my goodness, it’s Armageddon! But if you read the article, here’s what you’ll find out: “Pediatric hospital beds have been evaporating for years, and this only escalated during the pandemic. Reimbursement for pediatric care has long lagged tragically behind that for similar adult care, pushing pediatric facilities to maximize occupancy to remain solvent and pushing general hospitals to convert pediatric wards to care for adults. Low pediatric volumes in 2020, due to COVID-19 mitigation strategies, escalated these trends. In addition, staffing issues across healthcare didn't spare pediatric facilities, and now some hospitals with physical beds for children can't utilize them due to lack of staff. Finally, the ongoing pediatric mental health crisis leaves many children boarding in EDs and sitting in medical hospital beds, just waiting for a psychiatric bed to open, limiting the bed capacity for incoming children.”

So let’s see; it’s not actually that the hospitals are being “overrun” with sick kids, it’s that hospitals, in chasing the almighty dollar, have scrapped kids’ beds for more lucrative adult beds, have created “staffing issues” because nurses were fired or forced to quit due to your authoritarian vaccine demands, and are now full of mentally damaged kids due to your draconian “COVID-19 mitigation strategies” So telling us how hospitals are “running out of beds” to treat the tidal wave of sick kids isn’t really an accurate depiction of what’s going on, is it? Some might even call that sort of statement misinformation, or even a lie. Not me of course, but some.

By the way, if you’re wondering where all the RSV came from all of a sudden (aside from the fact that Pfizer has their next cash cow RSV vaccine on the way) “RSV in particular is bad this year because most children typically get the virus before the age of 2, Russo explains. But, with COVID-19 prevention measures over the past few years, many children weren't exposed to the virus. Now, ‘there are now a greater number of children susceptible to RSV, and they're interacting with each other at school — and off we go,’ he says.” Cool, so not only have we created an entire generation of anxious, depressed, suicidal older children, we’ve also created a whole cohort of immune-naïve younger children who now will contract viruses at an older age when they’re potentially more dangerous to them. GOOD JOB US!! But as long as Grandma’s safe and all, what’s the mental and physical well-being of a couple million kids, right?

Going back to the original mask piece, we’re told “In the school setting, masks can help slow the spread of viral respiratory infections.” As I have shown you more than a dozen times, this is a COMPLETE LIE. There is NO legitimate real world evidence anywhere ever that masks “…slow the spread of viral respiratory infections”. The insanity, quite frankly the stupidity of still trying to slow the spread of this virus is the craziest, dumbest, most hysterical thing I’ve seen in a while (and that’s saying a lot). The coronavirus seroprevalence in the US is already estimated at more than 90% and this virus is now endemic so the question to any moron who suggests masking anybody anywhere is (assuming they did anything, which they don't) “To what end?” When exactly would someone pushing masks say “OK, that’s enough.”?

My point as always is to be very careful about information you consume and from where you consume it. We are being lied to all the time by everybody all day long. If you fell for this nonsense the first time around I hope you are now awake enough to recognize PANIC PORN when you see it and laugh at it for the complete rubbish that it is. If your school system tries to put a mask on your kid you’d better be prepared to stand up and fight like hell to protect your children from any more abuse.

Remember, there’s a “pediatric mental health crisis” in progress. That didn’t just pop up out of nowhere.

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