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Hair analysis is an invaluable screening tool that allows a correct program of diet and supplementation to be designed for each individual's specific needs.

Never before has there been available a metabolic blueprint with such a degree of applicable scientific accuracy.

What is a Tissue Mineral Analysis?

Trace mineral analysis is a test that measures the mineral content of a small piece of hair, taken from an unnoticeable location, such as the nape of the neck. The mineral content of the hair reflects the mineral content of the body's tissues. If a mineral deficiency or excess exists in the hair, it usually indicates a mineral deficiency or excess within the body or bio-unavailability.

Various mineral imbalances, as revealed by hair analysis frequently lead to metabolic dysfunctions before any symptoms become manifest.

Conditions Which May Result or be Aggravated by a Mineral Imbalance are:

Hair Loss
Thyroid Disturbance
Prostate Disorders
Digestive Disturbance
Musculo-Skeletal Disorders
Cardiovascular Disease
Skin Rashes
Emotional Problems

Why Test for Minerals?

Minerals are "sparkplugs" of life. They are involved in almost all enzyme reactions within the body. Without enzyme activity, life ceases to exist. A trace mineral analysis is preventative as well as being useful as a screening tool.

Who Needs a Hair Analysis?

Anyone who is found ill and no explanation can be found, or when the cause seems to be found but the therapy is not wholly effective. Hair analysis opens up a whole new vista for the solving of your own particular problem by recognizing your biochemical individuality.

ARL - Analytical Research Labs, Inc.

Our approach at Springfield Holistic Wellness, LLC is to treat the whole body, not just an isolated injury. We offer a variety of personalized, one-on-one treatments to ensure our patient's long-term health and wellness.

If you would like to speak with our team to find out how hair analysis or nutritional counseling can help you, get in touch. 

Investment in your health: $190

Includes initial consultation, hair analysis, and report of findings.

Insurance does not cover this service.

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