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So I read this little piece by our friend Metatron over on Substack ( and I said to myself “Well that seems curious.” Now being the tinfoil hat-wearing kook that I am, I thought I would dig a bit deeper; you know, just to make sure…what with “disinformation” and all. Here’s what I found:

Metatron shows us this graph:

He says (my bold) “Curiously though, even though allegedly representing more than 1 in 5 deaths at its peak in April 2020, COVID didn’t make a blind bit of difference to the island’s overall mortality, not even in that month.

In other words, the only ones who died were going to die anyway, testing positive or even seriously infected and diseased, or not.

Even more curiously, Isle of Man’s COVID death toll itself was almost four times higher after the roll out of the “vaccine” that was supposed to save everyone from a COVID death - mysteriously, only really taking off, rather unseasonably, in the middle of summer 2021, more than a year after this deadly epidemic first emerged…

Curious, indeed.”

Here’s what you find when you check the actual data. There’s an initial spike in deaths at the very beginning of the pandemic (but again, not enough to affect the “all deaths” count on the Isle), then essentially nothing for the next almost year and a half, and then a SIGNIFICANT upward climb in deaths for the next 13 months.

How would one explain this? Almost no deaths over more than a year in a completely immune-naive population , and then, BOOM. What gives? Here’s a thought:

The vaccines start and increase rapidly over about four months in early 2021. Then a very similar increase in the death curve occurs over the next year or so (compare the upward line of vaccinations from Jan 2021 to May 2021 with the upward line in deaths from essentially August 2021 to August 2022). This in a population that by May of 2021 (when the onslaught of vaccination plateaued) had already been exposed to the virus for well over a year with no real death effect. Then just a few months after this vaccination campaign, deaths skyrocket. And remember that Omicron came to the fore in November of 2021 and was the dominant strain for two-thirds of that death increase even though it was much less lethal than Delta. So how do you explain some 75 of the Isle’s 116 total deaths occurring AFTER the administration of the vaccine that was so necessary to our very survival that people lost their jobs, and even friends and family members over it? Maybe you can’t bring yourself to believe that the vaccines were complicit in these deaths (of course they were), but you certainly can’t still believe they actually work to “prevent serious illness or death”.

Then notice this little plateau in deaths during December 2021. It appears deaths were beginning to level off. This plateau in deaths actually spanned the entire month of December.

Then notice this spike in vaccines in the fourth week of December 2021 (remember the panic over the Omicron wave?).

And then again, an increase in deaths after that short pause:

Why would deaths have essentially ended on the Isle during December only to ramp back up a month later? To be clear, there were 66 deaths as of 12/1/21, 67 as of 12/3/21, and 68 as of 1/13/22. TWO deaths in about six weeks during what is normally considered just about the worst time for seasonal deaths from respiratory infections. Then a frenzy of vaccines in later December, then about three weeks after this frenzy, deaths start climbing again.

It's not because "cases" had waned during mid 2021 and then picked up again during the Omicron era (remember how we were told the increased deaths were because of more cases so naturally you'd expect more deaths? BOLLOCKS!). Looky here:

"Cases" begin to rise exponentially in mid July 2021 and continue to do so to July 2022 (green line). So less cases can't explain the disappearance in deaths in December/January of 21/22. But then only after the new vaccination frenzy in later December 2021 do we see a restart of deaths, even though the "case" incidence stays the same.

I’m just wondering…well, you know, the thing.

Hey, have you seen this headline?

This is called “softening the beaches”. Watch as the “rare” link becomes the rule, not the exception. But you keep trusting those experts, that seems to be working out just fine.

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