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Updated: Nov 3, 2022


So yesterday we started another round of everybody’s favorite game “IDIOT OR LIAR” and I had planned on bringing out our next contestant later in the day but then I got distracted by something shiny, or a feather on a string or some other such thing, and so here we are now. Today’s candidate is none other than the man who can barely find his way off a stage, Joe Biden.

In an October 25th article entitled “Biden Urges All Americans to Get Their COVID Booster” we hear these pearls from the President of the United States (my bold):

“President Biden called on all Americans to get their boosters before the holidays to help prevent a possible winter surge.” At least this is a quantum leap ahead of late 2020’s “250,000 more Americans DEAD” in December or 2021’s “Winter of severe illness and death” for the unvaccinated. Now it’s just a “possible” winter surge. So I guess that’s progress. But of course there will be a surge, although we may not know it because we no longer engage in test-o-mania, but there will probably always be seasonal surges just like any other seasonal virus. The question is, is his pushing of the booster because he actually believes it will do something after four previous shots (idiot) or because he owes Albert Bourla a favor (liar).

“The nation's health experts recommend that all Americans 5 and up who are fully vaccinated receive the updated COVID vaccine annually, Biden said, ‘just like the flu shot.’” A great many other countries where they actually do “follow the science” have all but stopped pushing the vax on anyone under age 50. And the thought of still pushing shots on 5 year olds may be the dumbest thing of this whole debacle…and that’s saying A LOT. And as I stated in my very first post on April 2, 2020, the "flu shot" is all but useless too.

“The elderly and those who are immunocompromised may need more than one shot a year, but for most Americans, one shot will suffice, he explained.” Really? After jamming four or five shots in arms over 20 months, and with absolutely no data to indicate that somehow this booster will be any better (in fact if you read yesterday’s post you know it’s just the opposite), WHY all of a sudden will “one shot” suffice? Upon EXACTLY what science or data is Joe depending to make such a claim? More importantly, after the past two years, who’s believing him?

“In addition to getting boosted, Biden called for continued testing and for Americans who test positive to get treated with the antiviral nirmatrelvir-ritonavir (Paxlovid), which is available for free…‘Paxlovid can save your life. It's worth it,’ he added.” First, this testing nonsense has got to stop. Second, tens of millions of Americans would have "tested positive" but never knew they were infected because they never had any symptoms so why should they now run out and get Paxlovid if they "test positive"? Third, Paxlovid is "free" like lunch is "free" for me when my wife picks up the tab. Just because I don't actually pay for it at the time of use, it's still money out of "our" economy. Paxlovid, like the vax, is NOT free. Fourth and most importantly, I’ve gone over this Paxlovid nonsense before, but here again are the actual facts.

In a paper entitled “Nirmatrelvir Use and Severe Covid-19 Outcomes during the Omicron Surge” published in the New England Journal of Medicine on September 1, 2022 we get this:

“Among the 66,394 patients aged 40 to 64, hospitalizations due to Covid-19 occurred in 343 patients (0.5%): 9 (0.6%) out of 1,435 treated patients and 334 (0.5%) out of 64,959 untreated patients” So by their own numbers, taking Paxlovid under the age of 65 INCREASES your risk of hospitalization by 20%. So why is Joe telling us it’s “worth it”?

“Among 42,819 patients 65 years of age and above, hospitalizations due to Covid-19 occurred in 776 patients (1.8%): 14 (0.6%) out of 2,504 treated patients and 762 (1.9%) out of 40,315 untreated patients;” For those for whom Paxlovid shows some efficacy, it’s a whopping 1.3% reduction in hospitalization. And the overwhelming majority of that “benefit” was shown by using patients with no prior immunity (either from infection or vax). Those people don’t exist anymore as some 95% of seniors have been vaxxed and a great percentage of them have been infected. So if you remove the “non-immune” from the data, the “benefit” to those over 65 is essentially zero also. Well, it’s a Pfizer product, would you expect any different? And “As COVID caused by the dominant omicron variant generally causes milder disease, the global demand for Paxlovid has reportedly waned. But Pfizer has recently reconfirmed its projection that Paxlovid will reach $22 billion global sales this year.” So there’s that.

And in case you’re still one of those true believers yelling “But Paxlovid prevents death!” you are correct. The difference in death rates between the treated group and non-treated group was 0.32% or thirty-two one-hundredths of one percent. So I guess you can hang your hat on that; especially if it’s a tiny hat, like say someone who refers to himself as “The Science” might wear. Again, THEIR data, not mine.

Paxlovid is not recommended to people under 65 because it shows no efficacy (actually negative efficacy); but for some reason it is recommended to people 12 and up who are at “high risk” but I don’t see any data at all on anyone below age 40 so I guess they just made the rest of that sh*t up. In any event, with these being the data from their own studies, why is Joe pushing it? Is he an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about or is he a liar who does know but is pushing this drug in a dishonest way for some unknown reason?

So what do you think? IDIOT OR LIAR? This one’s a little difficult because we know absolutely that Biden is a pathological liar. From taking a chain to Corn Pop to driving an eighteen-wheeler, to three college degrees, to a full scholarship to law school, to plagiarizing in law school, to lying about plagiarizing in law school (he lifted FIVE PAGES out of a law review and Biden claimed “that he simply misunderstood the need to carefully cite sources), to lying about finishing in the top half of his class in law school (he actually finished 76 out of 85 students), to plagiarizing political speeches, to lying about plagiarizing political speeches, to lying about meeting with Golda Meir, to lying about getting arrested marching for Nelson Mandela, to lying about getting arrested in domestic civil rights protests, to lying about talking with a dead Amtrak conductor, to lying about “spending time” at the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue, to lying about Afghanistan, the economy, gas prices…to a myriad of lies about COVID. This guy’s got some chops, no joke man! But he’s equally as clearly an idiot (which probably accounts for most of his lying). So which is your choice? IDIOT OR LIAR? He cannot have said the things he said in this speech without being one or the other.

So the President urges the use of both a vaccine and a medication that do all but nothing and at least as far as the vaccine is concerned, certainly cause harm. I am quite sure he has no idea of the data and if he did know it at breakfast he forgot by naptime. I’m going with IDIOT because in his obviously infirmed state I don’t believe he has the capacity to know he's telling a lie; he’s just saying whatever they tell him to say. Shame on his wife and family for exploiting him like this. And if you are still listening to one word these people are saying about the “novel” coronavirus, you are the problem and history will judge you accordingly.

PS: Just caught some funny news related to this post. Check it out here:

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