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So no sooner do I get done writing about the lying stupidity of our President and the nonsense that is Paxlovid (you can read that one here, that I see this media statement from the CDC:

In case you weren’t aware, Rochelle Walensky, the Director and resident dolt of the CDC contracted COVID about 10 days ago nary ONE MONTH after taking the brand new and super-improved “bivalent” booster which will definitely work. DEFINITELY. Forget about the fact that she got infected when her immune system should have been at its most mighty after the vax, she was thankful for her fourth or fifth shot in 20 months which no doubt kept her from dying from a virus from which she stands about a one-tenth of one percent chance of dying to begin with. And then of course she, as all the dolts do, went on a course of Paxlovid because our caring and competent president told us “to get treated with the antiviral nirmatrelvir-ritonavir (Paxlovid), which is available for free…‘Paxlovid can save your life. It's worth it,’” To hell with the fact that Paxlovid IS NOT recommended for an otherwise healthy 53 year old woman. To hell with the fact that the data shows a 20% INCREASE in hospitalization from Paxlovid use in people under 65; she’s a lemming and by God she’s gonna take the vax and then take the pax!

And now she joins the really smart and honest Tony Fauci, both Joe and Jill Biden, and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla on the Mt. Rushmore of morons who were as vaxxed as you could be, still got infected, took Paxlovid, and had a rebound COVID case because of it. For those of you not sure what to make of all this, it's called "SCIENCE".


I’ve been through this a couple of times, but Pfizer told us the rebound rate was only 1-2%; the “medical experts” have told us repeatedly that maybe it’s 5-8%, and yet we have Fauci, Biden, Biden, Bourla, and Walensky all rebounding.

What are the odds that the rebound rate is really somewhere between 1% and 8% and yet here we have a case of five for five – that’s a 100% rebound rate. What ARE the chances? What kind of fluke of fate would there have to be for these five very public people to ALL rebound when the rest of the world only rebounds 1 or 2 or 8% of the time? Just like the guy on the Tootsie Pop commercial says “The world may never know.”

What’s amazing is that there are STILL people listening to these lying idiots. It truly is amazing.

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