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Updated: Jan 17, 2023


So here’s an interesting question that you may have heard before. How do you explain this?

If you’re following along you know that I recently wrote about a study (a pre-print) found here that showed that repeated mRNA vaccination (and ONLY mRNA vaccination) led to an increase of IgG4 antibodies, the function of which is to suppress, or tamp down, the body’s immune response to an antigen such as the evil coronavirus. The implication is that those of us who have been vaxxed (certainly more than twice) with an mRNA vaccine have altered our immune systems and have therefore left ourselves more open to repeated (and possibly more severe) COVID infection. But that is only an implication, we don’t really know what it means yet. Oh wait, I also recently wrote about a study which showed in real people that the more shots they had, the more COVID infections they got. You can read that one here

So that second post seems to support the supposition from the first paper. But that first paper was only a pre-print; it had not yet undergone the august “peer review” process so it doesn’t count. Oh wait, now we have a second study that has been published in a peer-reviewed journal called Frontiers in Immunology that finds pretty much the same thing as the first paper (my bold): “Instead, the mRNA, but not the adenovirus-based vaccines induced long-term IgG4 responses – the IgG subclass with inhibitory effector functions. These authors go on “Furthermore, salivary anti-S IgA levels were lower and decreased faster in naïve as compared to pre-infected vaccinees.” That means if you were actually infected with the evil coronavirus and your immune system got to flex its own muscle (before you got vaxxed), you have a better immune response to the vax than those who were vaxxed without a prior infection. This shows that the vax does in fact damage your immune response, and the lies told by Anthony Facui and his cabal of ne’er-do-wells that the vaccine was better than natural immunity were in fact just that; lies. Can somebody get Tony on the phone?

Anyway, while we have the aforementioned real-world study showing an increase in infections with an increase in shots to support the laboratory data showing a weaker immune response, we also have this sort of 30,000 foot view that should be of interest to you true-believers.

In India, we see they have administered some two billion shots (population about 1.4 billion). That’s not quite one and one-half shots per person. And none of them have been mRNA. I believe Pfizer isn’t even approved for use in India. Here’s that graphic:

And then we look at their daily death count:

Since mid-March India’s been under 100 deaths per day. In a country of 1.4 billion people. They’ve been under 10 deaths per day since early November. In a country of 1.4 billion people. With NO mRNA shots. COVID is essentially over in India.

Contrast that with the US. Because we’re really smart and we follow the science, we’ve gone through over seven-hundred million shots (population around 330 million). That’s more than two shots per person with about 85% of them being mRNA. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that Pfizer is approved for use here.

But here’s a graph of our daily death toll.

Since mid-April we’ve averaged around 400 deaths per day. In a country of about 330 million people with everybody double vaxxed at least. Just wondering how you explain these differences.

So in India, one of the poorest, dirtiest countries on earth, you have no mRNA shots and a death rate over the last seven months or so of about 0.000007% which is about seven one-millionths of one percent, while in the US, with all our sanitation, nutrition, and technology (and don’t forget “science”); and almost everybody with at least two mRNA shots in their arm, we have a death rate over that same time period of about 0.0001% or one ten-thousandth of one percent. That’s a death rate about 15 TIMES HIGHER than India. How exactly do you explain that?

Before you get all “‘They’ can’t count their deaths properly.” be careful. That might be a little racist. And even if you believed the Indians were undercounting their dead by a factor of 10 , meaning there were TEN TIMES more COVID deaths than were being counted (and how exactly would you hide all those bodies?), our death rate would still be about 1.5 TIMES HIGHER than theirs in a dirty, malnourished, destitute country. As it stands according to “official” numbers, after three years, our deaths per million rate is about TEN TIMES HIGHER than India’s. How could that POSSIBLY be with all our mRNA vaccines that definitely work?

Or look at it this way. How is it possible the ‘vid is still killing so many Americans? The concept of “dried tinder” (again not my phrase) would tell you that all those susceptible to dying from the ‘rona should have been cleaned out in the first year or so, yet we still have hundreds of people dying every day. Variation aside, it’s still the same coronavirus (which has actually gotten less lethal over time), so why are so many still dying from it? Is it possible that implementing a brand new, never-before-used technology (mRNA) in the middle of an active pandemic has both damaged our immune response and pushed the virus to develop greater infectivity in order to survive? We are told EVERY DAY that the newest variant of concern is the “MOST INFECTIVE YET”. How can that be? WHY would that be the case unless the virus was trying to get around some half-assed immune response brought on by some half-assed vaccine?

In case you think this comparison is a one-off, here's Japan.

Here we see 375 million shots, most mRNA doses in a country of about 125 million people. That's three shots per person. Wow they're good. Let's see how they're doing:

Well it doesn't APPEAR as if the mRNA vaccines are working. In fact it appears that the more mRNA vaccines get into the population, the more people die; even with a much less lethal variant in 2022. But then again, I AM a science-denier. Moving on...

These comparisons are not unique. I have shown you before, looking at pretty much every single African country, that the lower the vax rate, the lower the death rate, and in many of those countries COVID is all but gone. I’m not sure how much more one needs to see to realize these vaccines have been an epic fail in every way possible. And I’m not even talking about the adverse effects of this useless drug; that shitshow is yet to come.

I like to go to the carnival. I enjoy seeing the human contortionist twist himself into a pretzel. I can’t wait to see Tony and Rochelle and Joe and Mika and Rachel and Don and the whole cavalcade of halfwits and liars try to twist their way out of three years of lying. 2023 is shaping up to be an interesting year. Better get your popcorn ready.

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