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So this is a story you may not have heard because, well, it doesn’t fit a certain narrative that certain people want you to believe certainly. But this study cannot be ignored. I’m sure Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski will get to it soon, but I’ll just play the spoiler here.

It seems a study was published in the journal Science Immunology about a month ago that presents some fairly concerning information about everyone’s favorite savior in a syringe entitled “Class switch towards non-inflammatory, spike-specific IgG4 antibodies after repeated SARS-CoV-2 mRNA vaccination”

Without getting too deep in the weeds, or in the weeds at all, the bottom line is these researchers found that with more jabs, the body produced a greater percentage of IgG4 which is an antibody that appears to be something of an immune modulator; it “tamps down” the body’s immune response to an antigen, in this case the “novel” coronavirus. Now nobody really knows what this means for the future of people who’ve been vaxxed, but it certainly can’t be good. As this coronavirus is now endemic and people can expect to be infected repeatedly throughout their lives, a “restrained'' immune reaction may very well spell trouble for the vaxxed. And you should be aware that this appears to be a pro-vax paper as the authors begin with “RNA vaccines are efficient preventive measures to combat the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.” so this wasn’t written by Donald Trump, or even me. Here’s the graphic:

As you can see, the amount of IgG4 is essentially non-existent (0.04%) at the second jab but increases steadily after the second and third shots to reach almost 20% in the follow-up (FU) of the third jab. That’s an almost 500 TIMES increase in IgG4 above what would be considered “normal”. At the same time, your IgG1 (this one you want) levels drop by about 20%. This increase in an antibody that modulates the body's immune response is probably due to the repeated overstimulation of that response by repeatedly getting “vaccines” that force the body to produce a viral protein and ramp up an immune response into hyperdrive. The body may be protecting itself from exhaustion or perhaps from over-reacting to a stimulus like in an allergic response. Nobody really knows.

But what we do know according to this report is this response was not seen with other non-mRNA COVID vaccines, or with vaccines for other diseases or infection with other antigens. To put it plainly, repeated vaccination with Pfizer or Moderna leads to fewer of the antibodies you want (predominantly IgG1) and more of the antibodies that are of little use, or possibly detrimental, in fighting infection (IgG4). Oh, and by the way, have I mentioned this vaccine doesn’t work to begin with? I’m not sure why Anthony Fauci never warned us about any of this, but SOMETHING is going on here, and it don’t look good!

Now if you’ve been following my circus of disinformation for a bit, you will know I posted a piece about three weeks ago which you can find here: that shows us this graph.

This graph shows us that the more shots you have, the more infections you get. And this is not asinine modeling or prediction that tells you vaccines protect you from car accidents or that in a year and a half of use vaccines have saved three times more lives than were lost in twice the time, but actual data from actual people.

So in one study you have physiological evidence of damage (certainly altering) to the immune system which would lead one to expect more (and possibly worse) infections in the more vaxxed, and then another study of actual data showing, well, more infections in the more vaxxed. I wonder what Tony would say about this. Oh, that’s right, he jumped ship and got outa Dodge. He’s probably home right now sitting in his room full of portraits of himself made by his worshippers while he pets his hairless cat.

But here are a couple on interesting points which should wake even Joe Biden out of whatever delusional slumber he’s in today:

As of June 2022 Japan had a vaccine rate of 76% “fully vaccinated” (2 shots) and 60% boosted. Please notice that in the beginning of 2022, almost nobody was boosted. What’s interesting is it’s getting really hard to find up-to-date data on current vaccine rates of countries around the world. I wonder why…

Then as of January 1, 2023: “Japan logs record 7,688 COVID-19 deaths for December”

So as booster coverage steadily increased over the last year from essentially zero in January 2022 to about 60% (and remember, that’s only to the beginning of June), there have been three large death waves, with the current one being the WORST. And this in the face of Omicron which is much less deadly than previous strains. How EXACTLY do you explain that? Is it POSSIBLE that the vaccines are damaging people’s immune systems? Nah, that’s crazy talk. These people probably just need MORE shots. And masks, don’t forget masks. Oh wait…

According to the IHME out of the University of Washington, which has been the leading “authority” on all things COVID for three years now, as of their latest report of December 15, 2022 concerning Japan (my bold) “Based on self-reported mask use data collected in the COVID-19 Trends and Impact Survey, an estimated 85% of people are projected to always wear a mask when leaving their home.” How does all that masking and vaxxing look like it’s working out for the Japanese?

If this whole thing wasn’t so tragic, it would be hilarious. Hey, here’s a question. Do you know ANYBODY who started out anti-vax and after two years of real world data has become pro-vax? No? Me neither.

What can you do to recover your health if you’ve been vaxxed multiple times? Nobody knows. Is it even possible? Nobody knows. Of course you could listen to an anti-vax, anti-science, anti-grandma kook like me and get yourself actually healthier through proper diet (eat real food and stop eating garbage), exercise (has been shown in multiple studies to be protective against the ‘vid), proper amounts of vitamin D either from the sun or supplement, proper sleep, decreasing stress, increasing interpersonal relationships, and, let’s go crazy and say having a bit more confidence in the God-given power of the human body to take care of itself. Even against a man-made frankenvirus.

Nobody is coming to save you. Least of all the idiots and liars we’ve been listening to for the last three years. It’s your life, start acting like it.

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