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So if you read my post from earlier today (found here: you will know that yet another paper was just published showing that masks worn in the hoped prevention of catching or spreading the evil coronavirus was a worthless endeavor. A blog post appropriate for today as it’s Groundhog Day and this is about the tenth time I’ve presented real actual scientific evidence showing this to be the case.

Anyway, another good topic for today is the story of Vitamin D. Again.

In a paper titled “Protective Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation on COVID-19-Related Intensive Care Hospitalization and Mortality: Definitive Evidence from Meta-Analysis and Trial Sequential Analysis” published about two weeks ago by the National Institutes of Health (not White Supremacists Weekly) we’re told (my bold):

“Regarding ICU admission, Figure 2 shows a strong association between vitamin D interventions and protective effect on ICU admission. Vitamin D administration results in a reduced risk of ICU admission (standardized mean difference (95% CI): 0.28 (0.20–0.39)).” That translates to a 72% protective effect of avoiding the Intensive Care Unit by supplementing Vitamin D. And while the authors characterize it as a "strong association"they go on to say "In conclusion, the positive results highlighted again and now validated by TSAs suggest that an indisputable association between vitamin D supplementation and the protective effect on ICU admission can be considered definitive evidence."

Figure 3 shows a significant protective effect of vitamin D administration on mortality. Vitamin D administration results in a reduced risk of death (standardized mean difference (95% CI): 0.49 (0.34–0.72)).” That translates to a 51% protective effect of not dying by supplementing with Vitamin D.

The paper goes on to tell us how Vitamin D suppresses pro-inflammatory cytokines (remember the “cytokine storms” that were killing everybody in the beginning…although it may have actually been the ventilators doing much of that) and promotes anti-inflammatory cytokines, and how Vitamin D does all sorts of other good stuff for your immune function.

Now I first wrote about Vitamin D way back in I believe May of 2020. The reason I wrote about it then is because it was recognized, even then, just a few months into this debacle, that those with lower Vitamin D levels did worse with COVID. This is the fourth or filth time I’ve written about the benefits of Vitamin D. I'm pretty sure Rachel Maddow has never mentioned Vitamin D, but maybe I missed it.

My question was, and still is, how come we never heard one word from any official source telling everyone to supplement Vitamin D (Fauci once mentioned it in some podcast, not specifically for COVID, but just in general)? It’s free if you get out in the sun and is just about free if you have to supplement. It’s essentially harmless (it’s very difficult to get too much Vitamin D), and it appears to be quite important in protecting you from not just the ‘vid but all sorts of assaults to your immune system. So why didn’t Joe Biden (or Donald Trump for that matter) send every American a bottle of Vitamin D instead of worthless masks or tests? I’ll leave that to your imagination.

So once again, if you live north of Atlanta, Georgia, in the fall and winter you should be supplementing with Vitamin D. You might want to get your levels checked first and if your D is above 50 you are probably OK, but again, there is no harm in supplementing. I personally take an average of about 4,000 units per day (with Vitamin K2) from Carlson Labs. I have no affiliation with them, that’s just the product I and my family use every day. In the spring and summer you should be out in the sun for at least 20 minutes a day, preferably right around noon, with as much skin exposed as is acceptable in your neighborhood. In that time you should produce all the Vitamin D you need. Get a good app; I use DMinder (again no affiliation) but use what you like.

I sure would like to know why the “experts” haven’t been shouting about Vitamin D every day for the last three years. I’m certain there’s a very good reason, I just can’t put my finger on it. I’m quite sure if Pfizer could find a way to make 100 billion dollars from it we would all have it mainlined into our carotid arteries, but that’s just because I’m a conspiracy kook. Have I mentioned nobody is coming to save you?

Anyway, Happy Groundhog Day!

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