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So it’s apropos to be writing this piece today; Groundhog Day, because we’ll take yet another look (one last look, I mean it this time) at the folly of mask-wearing. I know most of us have been over masks (or never on board to begin with if you were literate and rational) for quite some time but a new study was just published and deserves a mention here. Not so much because any of us should still need any convincing that masks are useless, but more so as to the cautionary tale that the whole mask debacle was. To the DATA!

The Cochrane Library just published a paper titled “Physical interventions to interrupt or reduce the spread of respiratory viruses”. Cochrane is recognized as the gold standard when it comes to evidence-based evaluation of medical interventions. They looked at ACTUAL randomized controlled trials, NOT projections, models, predictions, crystal balls, or chicken bones. Just the best data-driven evidence ever accumulated on planet earth (some 78 trials) including six conducted DURING COVID, looking at over 600,000 people. You can read the paper here if you’d like: But for those who don’t want to slog through the data, what'd they find (my bold)?

“Wearing masks in the community probably makes little or no difference to the outcome of influenza‐like illness (ILI)/COVID‐19 like illness compared to not wearing masks.”

“Wearing masks in the community probably makes little or no difference to the outcome of laboratory‐confirmed influenza/SARS‐CoV‐2 compared to not wearing masks.”

“The use of a N95/P2 respirators compared to medical/surgical masks probably makes little or no difference for the objective and more precise outcome of laboratory‐confirmed influenza infection.”

So this highly respected think tank looked at ALL the legitimate, hard-core science-based evidence accumulated on planet earth over the entire span of this kind of research, including during the pandemic itself, and found essentially that masks did NOTHING. I remember when the Bangladesh Mask study, which was a complete garbage study, came out and proclaimed masks worked. It was all over the news so everybody “knew” masks worked to reduce the spread of COVID. But if you actually read the study and dug deep enough to find the facts, you would see this (hat tip Steve Krisch):

That’s some “proof”.

Why am I writing about this again? Not because I feel the need to convince anyone of anything concerning the efficacy of mask-wearing; if you’re still wearing a mask (or considering it) you are beyond my reach. But because I fear we’re entering a phase of this debacle where people will forget what has been done to us by our incompetent, lying, corrupt overlords. When I first started writing about the stupidity of masks way back in mid 2020 I felt it was important that people understand the FACTS. As I have reported many times, the WHO published their pandemic guidelines in October 2019, just before this nonsense began, stating clearly that there was NO EVIDENCE masks did anything. Several months later (May 2020) the CDC published a paper saying the same thing. No real study has ever shown masks do anything at all. And yet before you could say “Made in China” everybody was wearing a mask, or two, and you would literally be chased out of a store by an angry mob if you didn’t. Remember that?

And for those who kept saying “What does it hurt?” to my mask mandate objections, my response at the time was that this mandating of masks was the symbolic tip of the spear; that it would lead to more draconian (and scientifically unsubstantiated) edicts from our overlords. And that’s exactly what happened. It was a very short trip from our illiterate ignorance, and fear-driven virtue signaling in wearing a face diaper, to demonizing our neighbors, friends, and even family for not getting vaccinated, and high-fiving ourselves when those “others” lost their jobs and their ability to provide for their families because we “knew” they were killing people. Some (you know who you are) even going so far as to laugh at the thought of an "unvaccinated" person being left to die of a heart attack at the curb of an emergency room. THAT’S why I objected so vocally to masks.

If not for the evidence of the uselessness of the vaccines coming to light (despite the machine's continued attempt to hide that evidence) who knows where we would have gone. History is rife with societal insanities and if you don't think it could happen here you are sadly mistaken. Just look at some video from the last three years of "western" countries where people were locked up in gulags for not cooperating or where police brutalized people for protesting government overreach (or for just being outside "without permission") or where governments (and private corporations) destroyed the lives of citizens for refusing to take an experimental drug. Hell, even here you would get punished for swimming in the ocean, kissing your wife in the park, or even planting flowers in your own garden. It all happened and we came REAL close to a cliff from which there was probably no return.

Let’s be clear. Anthony Fauci is a LIAR. Rochelle Walensky is an IMBECILE. Joe Biden is such a dishonest, demented, moron that he doesn’t even deserve the effort of condemnation (see what I did there?). And sorry to say that even your friendly neighborhood medical doctor failed this test miserably. Aside from a relatively small number of voices shouting in the wilderness, the ENTIRE SYSTEM; the government, the medical establishment, and the mainstream media failed miserably. Or maybe it wasn’t just failure. Maybe it was something much worse. CONSPIRACY KOOK!

If the last three years have taught you nothing else, it should be that nobody is coming to save you. Those you might look to for salvation are either too stupid, incompetent, or corrupt to be of any value at all, and at the end of the day they don't give one little damn about you. Perhaps that will be the silver lining out of this dark period in our history; the realization that you’re on your own. It’s your life, start acting like it. Start now.

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