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Here’s an interesting tidbit from the UK report on COVID vaccines we discussed yesterday (post found here: concerning the BS “fact-checking” of the UK banning boosters for most people (my bold):

“Revised estimates of the number needed to vaccinate (NNV) to prevent one hospitalisation during the Omicron era indicate that 800 persons aged 70 years and above would need to be given a booster in autumn 2022 (a fourth dose) to prevent one hospitalisation from COVID-19. The corresponding NNV for persons aged 50 to 59 years is 8,000 and for persons aged 40 to 49 years who are not in a clinical risk group is 92,500 (Appendix 1).”

As we know from several studies that the incidence of an adverse reaction to the vaccine serious enough to send someone to the hospital is around one in 800, that means that 1 person over the age of 70 would have to go to the hospital from being vaccinated to prevent 1 person from going to the hospital from COVID. Which grandma should be yours?

For people between 50 and 60 that number would be 10 vaxxed people in the hospital to prevent 1 COVID person from going to the hospital and roughly 115 vaxxed people between 40 and 50 would end up in the hospital to prevent 1 person from going with COVID. Of course those numbers would only get bigger as we move to younger cohorts.

So exactly who should those 115 40-somethings be who end up with a serious adverse event to “protect” your behind? That number is probably in the thousands for people in their 20’s or younger. If it was your loved one in the hospital because he was the cost of “protecting” someone else, I wonder how you would feel then. Maybe not quite so virtuous.

How would you feel if I showed up to your house and pointed at your high school aged son and said “He now has heart damage. That’s the price he and thousands of other kids must pay in order to “protect” that one kid over there (who, by the way, has essentially a zero chance of dying from COVID).” If your answer is anything other than “Not my son.” you’re either a liar or a maniac.

But that’s EXACTLY what we’ve done. SCIENCE!

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