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So you may have heard this story. And if you’re a true-believer you already “know” this particular misinformation has been “debunked” by your friendly neighborhood fact-checker. Let’s see (my bold):

“Debunked: UK has not banned Covid boosters”

See, boosters have most definitely NOT been banned in the UK. What else does this particular genius have to tell us?

She opens with “People under 50 without conditions that put them at risk from COVID-19 will soon not be eligible for a Covid booster jab, the United Kingdom government announced on January 25.”

“Therefore Twitter warriors and anti-vaxxers primarily in the US have wrongly assumed that the UK has “banned” coronavirus boosters completely. Many have taken to the platform to call for the ending of mass vaccination. Let’s debunk the rumors and present you with the facts.”

She then goes on to tell us WHY the UK has taken action. “The under-50 population is considered to be at lower risk, and the UK currently has good herd immunity. Therefore the government complied with the recommendation from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) to end the booster campaign for that age group.”

See, the under 50’s are “considered” to be at lower risk and the UK “currently” has good herd immunity (but don’t get too comfortable with that – that could change at any moment!). Well our under 50’s are IN FACT at VERY low risk. After three full years of Armageddon the COVID fatality rate for people in this country under 50 years old stands at a whopping 0.03%. That’s three one-hundredths of one percent. And of course that number is ridiculously inflated.

And our august CDC estimates the seroprevalence (evidence in the blood that one has been exposed to the virus or the vax) in this country is somewhere around 95% so we also “currently” enjoy “good herd immunity”.

So what exactly do the really smart people in our government know that the Brits don’t? Why are they banning vaccines for people under 50 while we here continue to chase your six-month old around with a syringe full of death?

But here’s what’s interesting; it’s the almost indescribable stupidity.

“However, those aged 49 or younger without health conditions will not be able to get these boosters…This also marks the last day that the younger, healthy population will be able to get a booster.” Now the genius “fact-checker” tell us this, but then says the idea that the UK is “banning” boosters is the stuff of conspiracy kooks. While it is true they are not banning them completely, by her own words, the UK IS banning boosters for most people. You see the slight of hand? Most blue-hairs would read the headline (almost nobody ever actually reads the body of an article or study), and they would then KNOW the troglodytes are at it again spreading misinformation. To what end this misinformation leads, no one ever says. Anyway…

But here’s the REALLY interesting part:

“Others are spreading misinformation on the platform claiming that the ‘UK has banned boosters’ altogether.”

And then here’s her “proof” of her “fact-checked” conclusion.

What EXACTLY is debunkable here? This tweeter states a fact, then asks a completely valid question.

Again, reporting EXACTLY what is happening.

And again, stating EXACTLY what is happening. You may not agree with why Amy thinks it’s happening, but it is IN FACT happening just as she describes. In fact, she's a little soft on the subject. She says they're "not requiring" when in fact they're saying "you can't have one".


One last time I will ask what EXACTLY here is the debunkable misinformation? Each of these tweets proffered as “misinformation” in need of “fact-checking” debunkment says EXACTLY what the British government is doing; banning COVID boosters for those under the age of 50. How are these people "spreading misinformation"? Who EXACTLY said the "‘UK has banned boosters’ altogether.”

NOBODY ever says boosters are being universally banned in the UK. So none of the “evidence” presented by the “fact-checker” as examples of “misinformation” in need of fact-checking is legit. Yet you can bet baby brother’s bippy that LOTS of people will read the headline, or even the story, and come away cursing those evil, dangerous purveyors of misinformation who for reasons never quite elucidated, want more people to die.

Then there’s this headline from Bloomberg, another source of “news” you can definitely trust:

“UK Covid Panel Tells Government to Plan for Autumn Booster Jabs”

Here we’re told: “The UK government needs to put plans in place to offer booster shots to people at higher risk of developing severe illnesses from Covid-19 in autumn of this year, an advisory committee said…The recommendations come as Covid infections continue to crop up around the world, with government figures showing more than 15,000 people in England testing positive for the virus in the week to Jan. 14.”

Talk about burying the lead. There is NO MENTION at all that the government is banning shots to people under 50; just they need to “put plans in place” for the next season of fear and propaganda. Do you see how that works?

Do you see the lying? Do you see the manipulation? Pay attention. We are being lied to all the time every day by everybody.

Let me just ask once more. Why EXACTLY are we here in the US still trying to vaccinating every thing that moves when other countries (where they have electricity and running water and everything) are backing off?

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