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Updated: Oct 25, 2022


So in case you haven’t heard, there is this new “bivalent” COVID booster shot out there that will definitely protect you from catching the ‘vid. DEFINITELY. It’s a new shot that forces your body to produce not one but TWO different viral proteins never before produced by a human body in some three million years of evolution; two has to be better than one right? What could possibly go wrong?

EXCCEEPT…Rochelle Walensky, the director and resident nincompoop of the CDC just tested positive for the ‘rona…even though she received the new and better-than-ever booster which definitely works just last month.

To remind you, there is NO efficacy data for this new booster. NO data for infection, NO data for symptomatic disease, NO data for severe disease, NO data for death. NONE. All we have is antibody production data, which is NOT the same as efficacy data. Oh, and we have that data on eight mice; no humans, but eight mice (speaking of mice, check back later for another post about what mice can tell us – it’s not pretty).

And why hasn’t Pfizer, which has made TENS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN PROFIT from this vaccine, done randomized control trials in real world populations to see what the vax actually does? What groups might actually benefit from the vax, like really really old people? Why hasn’t the government compelled them to do so? That’s curious, no? Of course those of us who still have some functioning brain cells know the answer to that question. Something about an Emperor and his lack of clothes. Whatever, hey look, global warming!

If this whole thing wasn’t so dangerous and harmful to our society and the human condition itself (our REACTION to the virus, NOT the virus), it would be funny. Monty Python would be envious.

Let’s keep following that science…

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