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So I was just finishing up my Hallmark Christmas movies for the season when suddenly out of nowhere I was struck with this thought. Remember how Anthony Fauci (admittedly) lied to us repeatedly about the level of vaccination rate needed to achieve “herd immunity”? Noble lies of course, as Dr. Science didn’t feel we were quite ready to hear what he really thought. How could we mere mortals comprehend the vastness of the good doctor’s brain capacity?

Anyway, Fauci went from “60-70%” and inched his way up to “as much as 85%”. You know, based on the “changing science”. But since way back in early 2022 the CDC has told us that 95% of the population has immunity either through infection or vaccination (or both). So what’s up with that?

If almost every person in America has immunity to COVID, then why the push for continuous vaccination? It is now widely recognized that the vaccine cannot prevent infection or transmission - we seem to have accepted that fact without too much questioning even though we were told IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS, that the vax was "95% effective" at preventing infection, remember that? But of course now we all "know" the vaccines prevent hospitalization and death. DEFINITELY (I hear 2023 already saying "Hold my beer"). But the whole idea of "herd immunity" we were promised by medical "experts" and talking heads alike seems to have quietly vanished from our consciousness. How'd that happen?

The answer would seem to be, that due to the “novel” nature of this particular coronavirus which naturally jumped from a bat or a pangolin or a unicorn into humans, or more likely our stupid attempt to use a non-sterilizing vaccine (it doesn’t work) in the middle of an active pandemic which is driving the virus to continue to change, “herd immunity” is unachievable so we’re doomed to a new vaccine every three to six months for the rest of eternity. Damn I wish I had bought Pfizer stock!

Whatever reason you want to use, we can’t seem to establish “herd immunity”, so how about we forget all this nonsense and just go back to living like it’s 2019. With an infection-fatality rate the same (or lower) than the seasonal flu, maybe it’s just time already to move on. Although I’d really like to hear Tony’s explanation as to whatever happened to his mythical “herd immunity”. Guess we won’t get the chance to benefit from his knowledge and wisdom though now that he’s retiring.

Oh well, a mystery for the ages. Right up there with what the hell is Stonehenge and where Elvis really is these days. Happy 2023.

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