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So people like me have a particular defect (C’mon man, let’s face it, I’ve got LOTS of defects. No joke.) but this one has to do with the inability to forget things. Unlike many Americans who are on to the next shiny object the moment Joe Biden or Don Lemon tells them to do so, I don’t forget the little facts; let’s call them “inconvenient truths” that are the facts that seem to always get in the way of a good story. Today’s case in point that keeps me awake at night:

You may remember back in mid-February I discussed the sudden and untimely death of another young athlete who for apparently no good reason simply dropped dead while playing goalie for his semi-pro soccer team. Arne Espeel made a save, celebrated it, then dropped dead. This about six weeks after a much more high profile incident in which Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin did the same thing. Made a tackle, got up to celebrate, then dropped dead. Hamlin fortunately survived due to extensive life-saving actions on the field; Espeel was not as fortunate.

Anyway, literally within minutes of both incidents, the Twitterverse was aglow with tin-foil hatters vs. karens; one side suggesting myocarditis due to the vax, the other side insisting on a brand new term they just learned - “commotio cordis” (at least in the case of Hamlin).

We of course have never been given any details at all - blood tests, MRI’s, CT scans, EKGs, tissue samples, or anything else to explain what happened to Hamlin. If it was commotio cordis there would surely be some evidence of this that you would think the "experts" would want to get out there to prove it was NOT from the vax. And if it was NOT myocarditis surely there would be some evidence of that as well which one would think our overlords would want to shove in our faces. Hell, they've been lying about everything for three years now; even it was vaccine-caused myocarditis, they haven't even tried to cover it up. We just get “bupkis”. And if you ever saw the Michael Strahan interview of Hamlin where he asks Hamlin what the doctors said happened, well suffice it to say it looks like a hostage video. Go see for yourself. You can watch it here:

You will notice how affable and conversant Hamlin is except when asked if he remembers the experience (at about 1:15) and especially when asked what the doctors told him (at about 4:15). You can make up your own mind what’s going on there.

But back to Arne Espeel, whose death did not receive the same notoriety as Hamlin’s, but it was reported (my bold) “According to Sky News, Espeel’s autopsy was scheduled to take place on Monday to determine the cause of his death.” and another outlet reported “The Cause Of his death will be revealed after the autopsy which will be done on Monday.” That would have been February 13, 2023. If you search “Arne Espeel autopsy” you’ll get literally dozens of articles about his death that were published on 2/14 or 2/15 but not a word since. We’re now more than a month after the autopsy was supposed to reveal his cause of death. Just wondering what happened.

We’ve since been distracted by all sorts of other nonsense like bank collapses and a seemingly inexorable march to the brink of nuclear conflict (that sounds like fun), but some of us can’t let go - what EXACTLY happened to Arne Espeel? It absolutely was NOT “commotio cordis” as nobody has even suggested that. So what happened? Am I the only one who finds it curious that the promised autopsy results have never materialized? Was it the jab? Was it the 'vid? Was it Putin? It was SOMETHING. The deafening silence speaks volumes. Maybe I just need a hobby…

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