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So it turns out you can learn all sorts of things just by reading. It is fundamental after all (shout out to that slogan from my childhood). It turns out, that contrary to Fauci, Inc. the vax doesn’t seem to be living up to the hype. Of course we all know that even though the vax does absolutely nothing to stop transmission of the virus, it definitely protects the vaxxed who do get infected from having a bad outcome from said infection. Definitely. This is why you hear politicians and celebrities alike espousing their gratitude for the “protection” of the vaccine…when they get infected.

But once again it seems the facts are getting in the way of a good story. Let’s take a look at the great state of Vermont which was being extolled for the better part of a year for “winning” the vaccine race and is currently in second place with a “fully vaccinated” population of about 81% and more than 70% boosted, leaving them just a point and a half behind Rhode Island (obviously the smartest state in the Union).

First let’s take a look at this graph. Over the last three months, the rate of hospitalization has been essentially the same whether you’re vaxxed and boosted or not vaxxed at all. How do you explain that? Remember, about 70% are BOOSTED. More importantly, if you do just a little math you will find that the difference in the RATE of hospitalization at its peak (December of 2021), at its absolute biggest difference between the vaxxed and unvaxxed in Vermont showed that if you were fully vaccinated, the benefit you bought with those two or three jabs over the unvaxxed, unwashed troglodytes was roughly 0.015%. That’s the difference between a hospitalization rate of 22 per 1,000 for the unvaxxed vs about 5 per 1,000 for the vaxxed. That’s fifteen one-thousandths of one percent of added protection. That’s it. That’s always been about it. Fifteen one-thousandths of one percent.

And while Vermont’s own COVID-19 Data Summary tells us “Vaccines prevent the vast majority of severe hospitalizations and deaths.” that doesn’t seem to be the case. Let’s take a look. Here’s their graphic:

Well I guess case closed. Just look at those tiny green and purple slivers out of that giant blue ball. To be clear what this graphic is showing us is a hospitalization rate and death rate among the “fully vaxxed” of 1.2% and 0.4% respectively. So you are clearly protected. Pretty impressive. Go team vax!!

But once again, a little math shows us that, if you start counting from March 1, 2021 (the absolute earliest the vaccines could possibly have any effect on hospitalization or death rates) you will find that the 583 “breakthrough” hospitalizations account for ONE-THIRD of ALL COVID hospitalizations and the 213 “breakthrough” deaths account for just a tick short of ONE-HALF of ALL COVID deaths in Vermont during this time. HALF the deaths in fully vaxxed and/or boosted folks, what's up with that? What happened to the pandemic of the unvaccinated? And while the infection-fatality rate for the fully vaxxed/boosted "breakthrough" cases is 0.4% (see graphic above), the infection-fatality rate for the unvaxxed crackpots is only 0.6% (a difference of only two-tenths of one percent). So there's that. Again, just wondering about an explanation…

So what’s the take-home message here? While you can say (correctly) that the hospitalization RATE at its peak in Vermont was about FOUR TIMES higher in the unvaxxed than the vaxxed (22 per 1,000 vs. 5 per 1,000), and that’s certainly what you would have heard from your favorite talking head, as I have said many times, four times nothing is still nothing. A hospitalization rate for the unvaxxed of two one-hundredths of one percent is in fact FOUR TIMES higher that the hospitalization rate for the fully vaxxed of five one-thousandths of one percent. But as five one-thousandths of one percent is nothing, FOUR TIMES that is, well, you get it. If you're walking around with three or four shots in your arm as giddy as a school girl on Sadie Hawkins Day because you "know" you're way more protected than those moronic anti-vaxxers, you might want to slow your roll.

This type of data is not unique to Vermont. It is in fact pretty much universal. The ACTUAL DIFFERENCE; the ACTUAL PROTECTION provided by the vaccine appears to be essentially zero. A death rate of 0.005% (for the fully vaxxed and usually boosted) is a tiny bit better than 0.02% in the unvaxxed but at what cost? Remember, I shared with you recently that Pfizer told its shareholders, in writing, that they have no idea if they can show that their vaccine is either EFFECTIVE or SAFE. So for all those who really believe they “know” something about the vaccine or COVID because you get your information from all the approved sources, you might want to think again. How many of you would have jumped on the vaccine bandwagon; would have vilified friends and even family, would have cheered at people losing their livelihoods or getting thrown out of school (you know who you are) if Fauci had told you the actual level of protection was measured in thousandths (or maybe at best hundredths) of one percentage point?

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