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So every month the UK Health Security Agency releases actual data on what’s going on over there concerning all things COVID; here, not so much. And I have reviewed this data several times before to show, amongst other things that the lie of “a pandemic of the unvaccinated” is just that, a lie, and that maybe, just maybe, that vaccine we’re all whipped up about just might not be what we’ve been told it is. I’ll try to keep it brief; let’s take a look.

First, this graph which shows the seroprevalence of the coronavirus antibodies in the blood of Brits. That is, what percentage of the population has antibodies (as determined through blood donation analysis) to coronavirus from the vaccine vs. natural infection.

As you can see, pretty much every adult in England shows antibodies from the vaccine or natural infection to the coronavirus while only about one-third of the population shows antibodies from just natural infection. So one would expect the “case” rate to be significantly controlled due to this vaccine-derived “herd immunity” and the resulting death rate to be significantly lower as well. What do we see?

Since August 1, 2021, about when the vaccine-immunity hit 98%+, through today, the UK reports about 15,000,000 cases. From the beginning of the pandemic (February 2020) until August 1, 2021 the UK saw about 6,000,000 cases. In fact, if you count from when the vaccines really took off (mid-December 2020) the UK has seen about 19,000,000 cases as opposed to only about 2,000,000 cases before the administration of the vaccine. That’s 2,000,000 cases in about 9 months for an average of about 220,000 cases per month, then once the vaccine showed up, cases went up more than six times to about 1,300,000 per month. Just wondering how you explain that. As I recall, we were told IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that the vaccine was 95% effective at reducing infections from the evil ‘rona. What's up with that?

Well who cares about cases. It’s all about deaths you know. Of course that wasn’t true for the first year and a half – we were case-crazy. But then once we realized the vaccine couldn’t actually stop infection (remember when if you were vaxxed you could throw away your mask and then remember when the vaccine would actually protect you from the evil unvaxxed, but then we had to vax the unvaxxed to protect the…vaxxed?) so we moved the goalposts to just care about “serious illness and death”. Yes, definitely, that’s all that matters; serious illness and death (remember that’s when it became a “pandemic of the unvaxxed” which was never actually true?).

From the beginning of the pandemic (February 2020) to the major roll-out of the vaccines (mid-December 2020), the UK suffered about 6,700 deaths per month. Over the next seven months, as the seroprevalence of vaccine antibodies skyrocketed in the population to essentially 100%, the UK has suffered about 6,500 deaths per month, and that average has held steady ever since.

The vaccine has clearly done nothing to slow the spread (prevent one from being infected and then passing it on to the next poor bloke) of the virus, and has done essentially nothing to slow the death count, even with just about everyone showing antibodies to the virus. Just wondering how you explain that.

Just to be clear, as of today, about 74% of the UK population is “fully vaxxed” with about 58% boosted (that would be shot number three which was NEVER mentioned until two didn't work, THEN of course everyone knew it was ALWAYS supposed to be a three-shot regimen, remember that?). Looking at the data, about 90%-92% of the deaths from COVID over the last month have occurred in the fully vaxxed and/or boosted. Doesn’t sound like a pandemic of the unvaccinated, doesn’t look like the vaccines are doing much good, but what the hell, line up for number four…number four will definitely do the trick. Definitely.

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