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So here’s a little follow-up to a piece I posted about two weeks ago. It was about the apparent correlation in Germany between vax rates and infection rates (hat tip eugyppius). The higher the vax rate, the higher the infection rate. Lots of people said it was nonsense and tried to come up with all sorts of reasons why this would appear the way it does even though the data I discussed clearly showed this pattern appeared AFTER mass vaccination began so there really can be no other reason.

Anyway, here’s a pic of German infection rates from about three weeks ago:

And here’s from the first two weeks of July:

Notice how three weeks ago there was a good amount of yellow in the south; now not so much. But notice how what was the old East Germany is still doing way better than the rest of the county even though they have a lower vaccination rate (the red in the middle of East Germany is Berlin which is vaxxed up like the rest of “West” Germany).

The German government is finally acknowledging this difference and suggesting one of two possibilities:

  1. Regional differences in previous infection waves.

  2. Differences in vaccine uptake.

They also meekly suggest possible differences in testing levels, but that’s just something they came up with basically last week and isn’t supported by the data.

No, it appears you have two choices. The old East Germany is doing better because they have been previously naturally infected more and that is proving more protective than the vax. That doesn’t make sense and again is not supported by the data. Or the old West Germany has a higher vax uptake rate (which it does) and therefore the vax is now making people MORE susceptible to infection. Either way, not the Golden Idol we were promised. Either your vaccination is putting you more at risk or your natural infection is better protection than the vax.

Stop worshipping at the altar of medicine. There are a crapton of red flags being raised pointing towards some big problems with the vax so think twice before you boost up. Put your faith in the intelligence that created you. Treat you body right and it will treat you right. Start getting healthier today. This nonsense is not going away any time soon.

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