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So if you’ve been paying attention these last 30-odd months you will know that we’ve been experiencing something of a “pandemic” that was certain to kill us all but has so far “claimed” about 6,500,000 lives worldwide; accounting for a global fatality rate of 0.08%. This figure is of course nonsense, but we play the cards we’re dealt (for reference, the CDC counts some 26,500 “COVID” deaths from “Intentional and unintentional injury, poisoning, and other adverse events” so there’s that). But for those who believe they “know” things would have “much worse” if not for our brave and valiant efforts to “shut down the virus”; masks, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, etc, you need to look at New Zealand and meditate on it. New Zealand gave North Korea a run for its money as the most totalitarian state in the world over the last two years (at one point completely shutting down the county upon the discovery of one case). They did everything short of shooting transgressors in the street in an effort to reach the mythical zero-COVID. Alas, as some of us have been saying for more than two years, sooner or later you gotta pop your head out of your hidey-hole, and when you do the virus is gonna be waiting. Were we right? Well it appears a funny thing happened on the way to nirvana:

So when the Kiwis did come out from under their beds, all vaxxed up and ready to go, this happened. Cases and deaths mounting almost as fast as physically possible (that would be a completely vertical line). This happened with roughly 90% of the “eligible” population fully vaxxed. And their vax of choice is of course Pfizer which everyone “knows” works to prevent serious illness and death. That death curve right there couldn’t grow much more rapidly; seems to throw some cold water on that whole story, but whatever. Just wondering how any of the true believers out there explain this.

First our friends in the mainstream media celebrated New Zealand's Stalinist tactics to "defeat the virus" Then when New Zealand realized resistance is futile, the damage-control took over:

"US and UK Press Mock New Zealand’s Incredibly Successful Covid Response" wherein we're told:

"However, it is erroneous to present the shift as a failure of New Zealand’s pandemic response, or to falsely caricature their initial approach as being motivated by a naive belief they could sustain it indefinitely. Rather, countries only need to pursue these measures until a sufficient number of their population are fully vaccinated. Singapore transitioned out of its zero-Covid strategy in phases after targeting an 80% vaccination rate..."

In case you're interested, here's what happened to Singapore when they came up for air:

So things didn't go too well there either. Well maybe if we just had MORE people vaccinated with a product that doesn't work... Anyway, the acolytes in the press are a fickle bunch; they turned hard and fast:

"Daily COVID-19 Infections Hit New Record in New Zealand"

"New Zealand goes from zero COVID to world-leading infections and deaths: Workers must fight for an elimination strategy"

"Zero Covid has cost New Zealand dearly"

"New Zealand's lockdowns have been a disaster for some. As they lift, another threat looms." This one is interesting because it talks about the undue burden of the lockdowns visited upon the natives, "'There’s going to be a lot of tangi,' Trinder said, using the Maori word for funerals." But, you know, just poor brown people, so as long as you have your Ukraine flag up, you're OK.

And in case you think New Zealand (or Singapore) is some sort of anomaly, here’s Australia with basically the same exact game plan:

But the vaccine definitely works. DEFINITELY. You might want to remember this come October when the “experts” and talking heads tell you how important it is to get the “new” Omicron vaccine. That one will definitely work…

Stop listening to the idiots and liars. Start taking better care of yourself. It's your life, start acting like it.

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