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So here are some interesting questions. Just how “effective” is that vaccine anyway? How about the booster? We’ve been told IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that if you’re fully vaxxed and boosted that, even though the three (or four) jabs do absolutely nothing to “protect” you from being infected or passing that infection on to grandma or junior or whoever (can you say “95% effective”?), they will definitely protect you from “severe disease”. Definitely. Remember, Tony Fauci just told us this the other day as he discussed his month-long battle with the ‘rona after his four shots (and two masks) did nothing to “protect” him, and his course of illness was about three times longer than most others (if he’s even done yet).

Today a little Show and Tell with some data out of Canada (hat tip Alex Berenson); you know the place where you can’t travel outside your own bathroom if you’re not vaxxed because, science. Right now in Manitoba they count about 80% of their captives, I mean citizens, as “fully vaxxed” and about 43% as boosted. Not bad numbers; everyone gets a fish. But as I say all the time, it always sucks when the facts get in the way of a good story. Here’s what’s going on in Manitoba.

You will notice that the fully vaxxed and boosted combined account for 83% of hospital admissions. Those groups also account for 76% of ICU admissions and FULLY 89% OF DEATHS. How do you explain this? Worse yet, the BOOSTED (what we’ve all been told we MUST be) account for 71% of deaths all by themselves. How do you possibly explain this? How do you explain that the 43% of the population with three shots (as “protected” as you can be) account for 71% of deaths? I have written before that this repeated vaccination of people in the middle of this pandemic is ruining people’s immune systems and making them more susceptible to infection and (apparently) serious illness and death. So what’s going on here? Tony? Rochelle? Joe (hahahaha)? How about Rachel Maddow explains it to us in her most sanctimonious and arrogant voice? No? What’s that you say? The boosted are generally older so of course they’ll account for more illness and death (remember when they tried to pull that one on us?)? Then how do you explain this?

These graphs adjust for age and you will notice that the “fully vaccinated” are more likely to end up in the hospital and considerably more likely (closing in on 50% more likely) to die, while the boosted have about the same risks as the completely unvaccinated. By the way, the “unvaccinated” (red) INCLUDES people who have already received one shot but are within 14 days of that jab. That’s a little game the “experts” like to play to pad their numbers. So the truly unvaccinated numbers (people with no shots at all) are even lower. And remember, these are AGE-ADJUSTED numbers so that nonsense about “boosted are older and therefore more vulnerable” doesn’t fly. Explanations anyone? No? Didn’t think so.

But wait, there’s more. Here are some numbers on severe cases after infection:

Notice those with the “First Booster Dose” have a rate of severe infection in the elderly (70+) TWICE that of the fully or partially vaxxed. I thought the vax protected against severe illness. Is it that those people were boosted early and whatever “protection” conferred has worn off or is it that the booster made them more vulnerable. Who knows? Either way it ain’t good. Also notice what’s missing from this chart? Where are the numbers on the “unvaccinated”? We know they have them because they’re in the graphs above, but for some reason we’re not told what percentage of infections in the unvaxxed end up “severe”. I wonder why…

Oh well, I’m gonna go back to watching Netflix and ordering UberEATS cause everything’s just fine and dandy. Have a super day!

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