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So here’s some more inconvenient data begging for some answers; inconveniently. First a little background on the graphs we’re about to see.

Israelis and Palestinians are essentially the same people living in the same place so Tony Fauci’s excuse of “Things are different in the Nordic countries.” for why everyone in Sweden wasn’t already dead when they employed none of the stupid “mitigation” strategies we did to “defeat” COVID won’t really work here.

Israel’s median age is about 30 while Palestine’s is about 21 but the Palestinian population density is twice that of Israel’s (2,000 people per square mile vs. 1,000). And while Palestinians are younger, the Israelis are way out in front when it comes to sanitation, nutrition, healthcare, and of course, “science”. So while Palestinians are younger, Israel has all the “science” advantages.

From an article entitled “Israel's Most Prestigious Hospital: '70% to 80% of Serious Covid Cases are Fully Vaccinated'” published way back in February 9, 2022 (my bold):

“Since the end of December, Israel has been offering a fourth corona vaccination to the elderly, healthcare workers, and people with weaker immune systems. By the end of last month, some 600,000 people in the country had taken the extra booster shot.

Since Israelis have received yet another shot, something remarkable has happened: the ‘Covid death rates’ have broken all records. Doctor Aaron Kheriaty, who was recently fired from the University of California-Irvine for refusing to be vaccinated, has drawn attention to the shocking number of deaths.

Israel is one of the most vaccinated and boosted countries in the world, so why is the number of Covid deaths continuing to soar? The medical establishment needs to explain this and do it now because people are dying, Kheriaty said.

The doctor pointed out that 95 percent of Israelis over 50 have been vaccinated, and 85 percent have had a booster. Many people have even received a fourth shot. ‘If this isn’t a failure, I don’t know what is.’

Dr. Eli David noted that the number of corona deaths in quadruple-vaccinated Israel had broken all records over the past two years. 'What is going on here?' questioned the doctor.

In early January, just after the rollout of the fourth shot, the number of Covid deaths in Israel started to rise. On January 4, the seven-day average of the number of Covid deaths was four, but by February 2, it was already 39, almost ten times higher.

The number of seriously ill Covid patients in Israeli hospitals rose to 1,229 on Saturday, the highest number since the start of the ‘pandemic’.”

First of all, it would be dishonest (hey, my name's not Fauci) to not recognize that these increases are to some degree the result of the normal seasonality of the virus. Having said that, we need to understand that these increases are happening in a population that had by this time been exposed to the ‘rona for two years when all the actual “vulnerable” should have already been taken. And it is also a population almost completely triple-vaxxed by this time so if the vaccine protected against serious illness and death, we should not be seeing any of this in early 2022. Second, you remember this story being reported by Rachel Maddow, right? Sure, of course you do, so do I. Third, apparently we see once again, more shots, more deaths. Israel is almost completely “fully vaxxed” and boosted with lots of fourth doses, Palestine sits somewhere around 40% vaxxed; and that’s just one dose (as of October 2022). Have I mentioned it’s becoming really difficult to ascertain up-to-date vaccine status from around the world. I wonder why…Anyway, with this background data in mind, here’s a graphic that should put some scorpions in your britches:

You will notice that since February of 22 when the above-cited article was published, the deaths per million rate in Israel has TRIPLED that of Palestine. Remember that’s with pretty much every single Israeli fully vaxxed and boosted, and that crossover (Feb 9) is AT EXACTLY the time when the fourth shot had just been given to some 600,000+ of the most vulnerable (“the elderly, healthcare workers, and people with weaker immune systems”).

In fact, you can see below that the big increase in deaths begins EXACTLY two to three weeks after the beginning of the fourth shot implementation which was “Since the end of December”. Now we can see a similar (but much lesser) increase in the Palestinians but their curve quickly flattens out and stays flat while Israel’s continues to rise (to this very day).

In case you’re confused, back in February of 22 both were at about 1,000 deaths per million (first graph). Since then, Palestine has increased by 100 (to just under 1,100 per million in second graph) but Israel has increased about 300 (to just under 1,300 per million in second graph). And remember, this is in 2022 when Omicron, which is much less lethal (essentially a chest cold) was king. I'd call Tony (I call him Tony cause we're besties) and ask him his thoughts but as he's "retired" maybe I'll call Bumblin Joe and get his thoughts. HAHAHAHAHA!

So one population which has every technological, healthcare, and “science” advantage with an almost incomparably higher vaccination rate TRIPLES the increase in death rate of their neighbors who live largely in squalor and are twice as densely packed, and have almost no vaccines; all during the reign of a variant that kills almost nobody AT EXACTLY the time the Israelis start pumping a fourth shot into their people. Wow, if that ain’t a coincidence I don’t know what is. And forget about the disproportionate INCREASE in deaths for a moment, it doesn’t SEEM like the vaccines prevent serious illness or death at all. Shouldn’t the Israelis with their three or four shots be dying at a rate less than their neighbors who have maybe one or two shots?

Just wondering, you know, how you explain that? But whatever…Hey look, Putin! No wait, Monkeypox! No, RSV! No, gas stoves!

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