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So here’s an interesting little ditty you may not see on MSNBC, but in response to a court petition to disclose Israel’s agreement with Pfizer from back in early 2021 concerning trading vaccines for data (my bold) “The Israeli Ministry of Health [“MoH”]S stated before the court that it was unable to locate the agreement signed with Pfizer regarding the sharing of epidemiological information on coronavirus vaccines. He also said that he did not know if the agreement had even been signed.” If you’re wondering why the Ministry of Health was responding to a court petition, it’s because the MoH failed to respond to a Freedom of Information act concerning said document. “We did not find a signed agreement,” said lawyer Ahava Berman of the prosecutor’s office, on behalf of MoH. “We searched all places, including the CEO’s office and the legal department”. So we're supposed to believe that one of the most technologically sophisticated countries on earth "lost their homework"? Apparently once the news media got involved, the document was miraculously found. Well isn’t that special?

You may remember back in late 2020 there was all sorts of excitement that Israel had agreed to turn over all their data on the vaccine as it materialized to Pfizer in exchange for an early and full supply of the vaccine which would save the world. Look how smart those Israelis are…their people will all be saved! Of course what the Israelis did was essentially turn their country into one giant lab experiment, and although they’ve consistently been ahead of everybody with fully vaxxed, boosted, double-boosted, and triple-boosted; it really hasn’t gone particularly well. Here’s Israel’s case curve:

For comparison, here are graphs on what are probably the three least vaccinated countries on earth:

Yes I realize there are all sorts of reporting vagaries concerning these countries, but overall these graphs all look pretty similar. Certainly nowhere near the discrepancies one would expect to see from a country at the front of the line for coverage of a vaccine that we were assured would stop the 'vid. Israel’s “fully vaxxed” count has been over 50% since way back in March 2021, while these three other countries all hover at or below just 1% (at least as of March of this year). It’s the same pattern everywhere. How do you explain that?

Anyway, back to our story. What possible reason (or justification) could there be for the Israeli government to not want to share with its own people (the people whose government it is supposed to be, the people who pay for that government) the agreement it made with Pfizer concerning vaccine contracts and data? Hey, remember when the head of the European Union said she couldn’t find texts between herself and Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla concerning vaccine procurement contracts? Good times.

By the way, here’s a little snippet from the Israeli-Pfizer contract of January 2021 entitled “REAL-WORLD EPIDEMIOLOGICAL EVIDENCE COLLABORATION AGREEMENT” as it was released to the public. Under section 6 we get to see this:

The ENTIRE section is redacted. Why exactly can’t we see ANY of this information? This is a contract between a western, “democratic” nation’s health ministry, ostensibly charged with protecting and promoting the health of its citizens, and a drug company which had assured us their vaccine was not only effective but safe. Why can’t the people upon whom this grand experiment was conducted see what kind of assurances or remedies (or lack thereof) their government agreed to on their behalf?

Get it yet?

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