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So here are a couple of pictures that are worth thousands of words. This information was published in a much more detailed post by a blogger named eugyppius who is really good at diving into the data. You can find that post here:

Here’s the important part. Notice the correlation between triple vax coverage and coronavirus infection; particularly BA.5 infection, in Germany. Notice not just the clear demarcation of the former DDR (East Germany), where people have a much better appreciation for the problematic nature of totalitarianism and are therefore more suspicious of dictates from the government, in having lower vax rates (and lower infection rates), but notice that even within the lines of the former DDR there are correlations between vax rates and infections. Specifically notice the higher vax rate around Berlin and the corresponding higher infection rate of same (in a sea of lower infection rates).

There appears to be a CLEAR correlation between vax rates and infection rates. It appears vaccines CLEARLY lead to more infections.

To quote eugyppius (my bolding): “In summary: Lower vaccine uptake in the former DDR led to higher rates of natural immunity as infections surged in the Delta wave of Fall 2021. What is more, the first Omicron lineages already had a slight preference for the vaccinated, which seems to have only grown more pronounced with BA.5. No DDR Effect is visible anywhere in the German data prior to mass vaccination and Omicron. It is not an artifact of demographics or population density or anything else. If it were, we would’ve seen it before December 2021.”

So getting vaccinated makes you more susceptible to getting infected with the ‘rona. I discussed this maybe a year ago now in talking about original antigenic sin. And it seems as the virus continues to mutate, this affinity for the vaxxed is increasing while those who were actually infected with the virus are not similarly affected. Pictures are in fact worth a thousand words. Just ask double-vaxxed, double-boosted, double-masked but now infected and worse after his Paxlovid-caused REBOUND COVID Anthony Fauci. I wonder why we haven't seen this on mainstream media. Or maybe it’s just misinformation…

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