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So if you haven’t been paying attention, we seem to be experiencing some kind of phenomenon wherein people all over the world are dying in numbers well beyond the historical average and they are not COVID deaths. For the month of July, the European Union reported an excess mortality number about 16% above the historical average before the pandemic (from 2015-2019). That’s an extra 53,000 deaths and COVID accounts for only about 3.4% of all excess deaths. In May that number was 7.3% and June was 7.6% so July more than doubled. In the US the number currently stands at around 12%. Spain currently sits at a whopping 37% excess while Greece is at about 31% and Italy is at about 25%. In some places the leading cause of death is “unknown causes”. These are crazy numbers which in any normal (that is, honest) time would be dominating the headlines; even more than the President of the United States declaring the pandemic is over. But alas they’re not getting much airtime. I wonder why…

A recent study (my bold) “based on weekly government data in New Zealand – one of the world’s most vaccinated nations – found that the age groups most likely to have had COVID booster shots had up to 10% more excess deaths…Excess mortality is the number of deaths from all causes above what would be typically expected in one year.” The study in focus here was produced by one John Gibson who is an economics professor and therefore not under the thumb of the medical authoritarians. He produced this inconvenient graph:

“The increase in excess mortality over the past four months, the study found, was experienced by all ages except the 0-29 years group, who were mostly ineligible for boosters.” Ouch! And this isn't the only graph showing this correlation.

What’s even more interesting is that I can only find reporting on this study in something called WND whose motto is “A Free Press for a Free People Since 1997” and Clark County out of Washington State. Their motto is “Your News Source with Integrity”. However, neither the New York Times, whose motto is “All the News That’s Fit to Print” nor the Washington Post which proclaims “Democracy Dies in Darkness” seemed to have the manpower to report on this study. Plenty of ink to tell us half the country are fascists, but none to waste on a pretty clear correlation between vaccines and death. Oh well…hey PUTIN! No, MONKEYPOX! No wait, PUTIN AGAIN!!

Now I’m not saying that vaccines are killing everyone (although there is PLENTY of smoke there), but I am asking, if not vaccines, then what is causing all this excess mortality? Of course there are a lot of possibilities; certainly the negative effects of lockdowns could be beginning to show themselves and there are other possibilities, like a recent heat wave in Europe, but Occam’s razor would tell us the simplest answer is probably right. There are plenty of data out there showing an increase in deaths following the introduction of the vax; and in specific age groups which make that data even more compelling. But again, at this point we do not have enough information to make an accurate determination. Moving on.

For those who are already yelling at the screen because I have suggested what they consider some dangerous conspiracy theory, and they “know” vaccines are safe because Joe Biden told them so, I would ask you to explain these graphs concerning excess mortality:

Let me focus in on my point a bit.

How about this one:

A bit clearer:

A bit closer:

And clearer:

In case you miss my point, I’m once again showing the data for Sweden compared to other western countries and asking how you explain this. Sweden famously did essentially NOTHING as far as “mitigation” of COVID is concerned; they basically followed the WHO guidelines published in October of 2019 just before the world lost its mind; before the West adopted the Chinese lockdown model, and they did just fine. NO lockdowns, NO mask mandates, NO school closures for kids up to 16, NO shutdown of society in any appreciable way. They did suggest social distancing of three feet (not six feet for which there is NO scientific rationale) that was not particularly well followed. Also, they did not force anyone to get vaccinated nor did anyone lose their job for standing up for their own personal autonomy.

As you can see in the second graph above, Sweden had their troubles with COVID in 2020 through the winter of 2021 just like everyone else with slightly more deaths than some and slightly less than most. Again, while all these other countries went full communist China on their people and in so doing have caused perhaps incalculable damage to their citizens and societies, Sweden did nothing and fell right in the middle which alone DEMANDS an explanation considering what everyone “KNEW” we must do to save the world. But notice after the winter 20/21 wave, Sweden has pretty much the LOWEST EXCESS MORTALITY RATE of any of these countries; often it was actually negative, meaning a death rate BELOW the historic average. Is it possible that by not trying to “flatten the curve” Sweden went through their epidemic in 2020 and then was essentially done with COVID? Notice in the last graph blow-up Sweden has come out of this thing with pretty much the LOWEST cumulative excess mortality of all these countries; right there with Germany and Ireland who both went insane. I have asked many times, and would surely appreciate an explanation, but so far none have been offered.

In case you’re one of those people who really believes you “know” something and are now screaming at the screen “IT WAS THE VACCINES YOU MORON!” you would be correct; except for the fact that you’re not. You see, on or about August 1st, 2021 Sweden had by far the LOWEST fully vaxxed population out of any of these countries at 41%. While France was at 48%, everyone else in these graphs was somewhere between 52% (that would be the US – you know, the land of the Neanderthal, and still fully 25% more than Sweden) and 59%. Sorry.

In Great Britain we see this:

A close-up of the last couple months:

The black dotted line is the historically “normal” death count, the blue is deaths attributable to COVID, and the green is deaths not attributable to COVID. If all the real world data calls into question everything we "knew" about this pandemic, why is it so crazy to suspect that maybe the rushed-to-market, never before used technology, implemented during a pandemic "vaccine" may be killing people? Or maybe that’s just the price of doing business? Something is going on here and we deserve to know what it is, but nobody (certainly no government) seems to be looking into it. Why is that?

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