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So in case you don’t follow professional tennis, a guy by the name of Novak Djokovic, one of the greatest tennis players of this or any era had to “withdraw” from the US Open (already underway), which is America’s premiere tennis event and one of the tennis world’s four “Grand Slam” events. Why did he “withdraw” you ask? Not because he’s injured or perhaps protesting some “equity” issue with the ball “people”, no it’s because he’s not vaccinated, and as such is not allowed to enter the United States. So it’s much more of “Djokovic barred from participating in US Open” than it is “Djokovic withdraws from US Open”.

Just one quick question. With everyone in the world (except your Aunt Karen) recognizing that the vaccines don’t work, why is this man, one of the most elite athletes on planet earth being refused entry into the United States because he’s not vaccinated? Anyone? Anthony “Fauci Effect” Fauci? Rochelle “Deer in the headlights” Walensky? Joe “NO JOKE!” Biden? Anybody?

You see, on August 11th, the CDC released new COVID “guidelines” in which they state (my bold): “CDC’s COVID-19 prevention recommendations no longer differentiate based on a person’s vaccination status…” So what’s the issue here?

Now as an aside, are all those people who were fired, forced to quit, or thrown out of school because they weren’t vaccinated because we “knew” they were the problem going to made whole? No? Didn’t think so.

But back to the point, what POSSIBLE rationale could there be to keep Djokovic out of the country simply because he’s not vaccinated which the CDC just told us was not really a thing anymore? Well, on August 24th, less than two weeks after telling us there’s no difference between the vaxxed and unvaxxed, the CDC told us "Non-U.S. citizen, non-U.S. immigrants: You must show proof of being fully vaccinated with the primary series of an accepted COVID-19 vaccine before you board your flight to the United States. Only limited exceptions apply." Wonder what those “exceptions” would be. Do you think the virus knows not to spread from a person coming here, say to donate a kidney to some poor kid or to donate big bucks to someone’s political campaign, but would go hog-wild if it was in a tennis player?

Actually, according to the US Department of State: “These include exceptions for children, certain COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial participants, those with rare medical contraindications to the vaccines, those who need to travel for emergency or humanitarian reasons, those who are traveling on non-tourist visas from countries with low-vaccine availability, members of the armed forces and their immediate families, airline crew, ship crew, and diplomats.” EXACTLY what “science” substantiates this policy?

Now the United States Tennis Association (USTA) says: “The U.S. Open does not have a vaccination mandate in place for players, but it will respect the U.S. government's position regarding travel into the country for unvaccinated non-U.S. citizens,” First, I’m not sure what the USTA is “respecting”; it’s not like they could smuggle the guy in, slap a fake mustache on him, and let him play to get around the government’s “position”. Second, understand that if you live here, you can play vaccinated or not. If you live here, you can sit in the stands and yell and scream all you want, vaccinated or not. But if you’re a “foreigner”, then no way Jose!! Funny, I remember a time when Joe Biden mumbled something about banning flights from certain countries was “xenophobic”. Good times. But this is what passes for “science” these days folks. WHAT. THE. HELL?

Forget everything else you’ve heard about the stupidity of our COVID response, this one issue should be enough, even for you true-believers, for you to realize our “leaders” and “experts” are MORONS.

In case you think Djokovic “deserves” it because he’s obviously some kind of anti-vax, ultra-MAGA kook, “Djokovic, 34, told the BBC he isn't against vaccinations – ‘I have never said that I am part of that movement,’ he noted -- but believes in personal choice. He said that is more important than potentially winning his 21st major trophy…‘I'm trying to be in tune with my body as much as I possibly can,’ he said, adding that he has always been careful about everything he ingests. 'Based on all the information that I got, I decided not to take the vaccine, as of today.'”

Sounds pretty reasonable to me, but whatever. For those with three or four shots who are lining up for the “new” Omicron booster coming this fall; for those STILL wearing masks, how much more do you need to see to convince you that EVERYTHING you believe you think you know about this ENTIRE pandemic is all but complete nonsense?

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