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So here’s a little food for thought today as you contemplate yesterday’s election results. This information comes from Igor Chudov on Substack whom I have referenced before. His articles are very technical and most people won’t read them so I’ll just give you the meat and potatoes. If you’re someone as interested in the real data as I am, I encourage you to read his posts. This one can be found here:

But for most folks, here’s the gist. You probably are not aware that many people have been sounding the alarm about excess (non-COVID) deaths all around the world in the wake of the COVID pandemic. I’m pretty sure Rachel Maddow is not talking about this. In many countries people are now (and have been for many months) dying at a rate as high as 10-15% above the historical pre-COVID average, and nobody in a position of authority seems to care. SOMETHING is killing these people and some of us feel it might be a good idea to try to figure out what that something is. Some of it is certainly due to the reaping of what we sowed as our reaction to the pandemic; that is, lockdowns, delayed medical care and screenings, deaths of despair, and so on. But Chudov, being some kind of a serious statistician has looked at the data and come up with these graphics:

What you need to notice here is Bulgaria (BGR) is BY FAR the least vaccinated/boosted country and has also BY FAR the lowest excess mortality rate (actually it’s negative which means they have LESS excess mortality than the historical average). You will also notice that Chile (CHL) has the highest vaccine rate and BY FAR the highest booster rate and coincidentally BY FAR the highest excess mortality rate.

Here’s a better look at the data in graph form:

There is CLEARLY an association between vaccine/booster uptake and increased excess mortality. Now to be clear, as always, an association (or correlation) does not necessarily indicate a causation, but this is absolutely a VERY STRONG association which SHOULD be investigated.

What’s more disturbing is that this correlation is getting stronger over time. “…as time goes on, more and more excess deaths are explained by vaccination rate (49% in weeks 20-44, instead of 27% 10 weeks prior).” As Chudov says “Stop. This is NOT normal.”

Something VERY WRONG is going on here. And we’re seeing this effect within basically the FIRST YEAR of mass vaccination, and we’re seeing it everywhere. Yet none of our government overlords, medical “experts” or mainstream talking heads are talking about this. “Nothing to see here, move along!”

Almost five and half billion people (70% of the world) have received almost 13 billion doses of this vaccine. If there is some real causative relationship between these vaccines and excess deaths (and that certainly seems to be the case), shouldn’t we know about it? What if there IS a relationship and we could figure out the mechanism of injury and then help save perhaps millions of people who might otherwise die from their vaccine injuries? Why is nobody talking about this?

By the way, here’s a world map of vaccine distribution according to Bloomberg which tells us those almost 13 billion shots works out to 162 shots for every 100 people.

Notice how most of Africa has maybe one-tenth to one-third of the vaccine coverage of the rest of the world. Coincidentally, Africa is full of poor countries that couldn’t afford to pay Pfizer for the vaccine which everyone KNOWS was the thing we MUST do to save humanity itself. Except I guess for all those brown people; you know, the poor ones who live…over there. Hell, at least grandma is safe! Besides, the UN predicts tens of millions of poor brown people (lots of children) will starve to death with millions more living shorter (both physically and temporally) lives due to malnutrition caused by our stupid reaction to a virus with a 0.1% case fatality rate, so does it really matter whether they got vaxxed or not? They're just gonna starve anyway, so why waste a perfectly good (and NECESSARY, don't forget NECESSARY) elixer on them for a first or second dose when I can use it for my fourth or fifth shot, right? But perhaps our African brethren will get the last laugh after all…

By the way again, in case you’re not aware, once the federal government put the Pfizer vax on the childhood vaccine schedule (with no data at all to support it), Pfizer is now and forever indemnified from any financial liability from use of their vaccine. Here’s a cool headline “Pfizer celebrates receipt of permanent legal indemnity by raising vaccine price by 400%” So there’s that…

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