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So if you’ve been following my conspiracy-ladened, anti-science, grandma-killing diatribes for long, you’ll know that I’m no fan of Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the soon-to-be-former head of the CDC. You’ll know that while I believe Anthony Fauci to be an egomaniacal liar and perhaps crimes-against-humanity committer, poor little Rochelle has been in over her head since day one. She in fact seems to be a nice person, and I actually feel sorry for her, but she has been just another useful idiot of the totalitarian regime. Case in point, today’s story. By the way, in what can only be seen as a mathematical impossibility, the child slated to replace Walensky at the CDC makes old Rochelle look downright competent. You simply cannot make this stuff up.

Anyway, on June 13th, Dr. Walensky testified in front of Congress on all things COVID. You can watch the whole thing here if you want: It’s two hours of lies and partisan BS. “Masks work…We were doing everything to keep schools open” blah, blah, blah. But there were a couple of nuggets; and one in particular, that stood out.

TRIGGER WARNING: This may make your head literally pop off!

Chair of the committee Dr. Wenstrup: “On June twenty-one, twenty twenty-one, President Biden stated quote ‘If you are vaccinated, you’re not going to be hospitalized, you are not going to be in the intensive care unit, you are not going to die.’ end quote. Again, simply yes or no, by that date, were there vaccinated Americans that were hospitalized?”

Walensky then throws some BS about how “effective” the vaccines were - but here comes the line that should run Biden, Fauci, Walnesky, and the rest of the vermin straight to prison.

Wenstrup: “But by that date [referring to Biden’s statement] were there vaccinated Americans that were hospitalized?

Walensky (with a coy grin on her face): Um, I, you know, maybe I will say this, we still to this day do not have data on people who are coming into the hospitals who are vaccinated. That is a data point that we have lacked.”

Wait, WHAT? Are you F*CKING kidding me? That seems to be a pretty bleepin important “data point” don’t you think? Now to be fair, this is not actually a revelation. I wrote about this probably two years ago citing doctors and state officials from all over the country complaining that the CDC had NO IDEA who’s been vaccinated and who hasn’t been. But when you have the President of the United States standing up in front of the American people and ASSURING them the vaccine will protect them, and then worse, going on to demonize those who declined the vaccine; claiming over and over that this was a “Pandemic of the unvac-cin-ated” and now the Director of the CDC says on the record that they actually have LITERALLY NO IDEA if people going to the hospital for COVID were vaccinated or not, your head should EXPLODE!

Let’s make this simple. It was ALL A COMPLETE LIE. The government has NO IDEA what it’s doing and they just lie about everything. You should be outraged and when the next boogeyman comes along, remember this. If you continue to “trust the experts” you are a fool and quite frankly deserve what you get.

In case you’ve just stumbled upon my posts, let me reiterate a very important point. NOBODY IS COMING TO SAVE YOU. The government and the medical establishment are populated almost exclusively by liars and idiots. It’s your life, start acting like it.

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