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So as I'm not one to let go of lies told to me without someone being held responsible, I'm here again today asking whatever happened to Arne Espeel, the Belgian goalkeeper who at the ripe old age of 25 simply dropped dead on the field (or pitch if you're a purist) after saving a penalty shot. This is the third or fourth time I've addressed this and I'm still waiting for some answers. We were told when he died (back in mid-February) that the autopsy was forthcoming within days and the results would be reported accordingly, but alas, as of this writing, still no word.

I'm just wondering why.

A young, fit, semi-professional athlete drops dead and nobody seems to be interested in why. That's a bit curious, no?

Why have we not been told what happened to Arne? We were TOLD we would find out what the autopsy results were, and then the whole story just disappeared. What happened there? And why are no "reporters" pursuing this story?

And while we're at it, again I'll ask whatever happened to Damar Hamilin, the Buffalo Bills safety who also, while being a young, fit, professional athlete simply dropped dead on the field of play? He, unlike Arne, was fortunate enough to be revived. That was back in January and we were told his issue stemmed from getting hit in the chest in exactly the right place at precisely the right moment with the necessary amount of force to stop his heart - commotio cordis - problem solved. Go watch the video and make your own decision. When I questioned this diagnosis, I had friends and foes alike telling me I was a conspiracy kook. When months after Hamlin's incident I again asked, I was confronted by my biggest fans with headlines like (my bold) "Bills safety Damar Hamlin 'fully cleared' for football activities" and "Bills' Damar Hamlin OK to play after suffering cardiac arrest" These headlines were published back on April 18th. See, what do I know - troglodyte!

But then more than a month later (May 23rd) we're told "Damar Hamlin ‘has not been practicing’". In this report (by CNN, not Anti-Vaxxers Gazette) we're told "The 25-year-old was cleared to resume football activities last month and said he has been planning to make a comeback to the NFL. However...Hamlin has yet to take the practice field in earnest yet, remaining coy about his day-to-day activities."

What happened there? We were told in the boldest of headlines that Hamilin was "fully cleared" to play. And why not? If his heart stopped because of this freak convergence of events that all the really smart people insist is what happened, and he was subsequently revived, and then cleared to play, then he should be "OK to play" right? I have a fairly good handle on the English language and I'm pretty sure I understand what the words "fully cleared" and "OK to play" mean. And yet Damar Hamlin is not engaging in the activity he insists he wants to engage in and for which we have been assured he's absolutely fully capable of doing. Curious. Maybe we could get Anthony Fauci on the phone; I'm sure he could explain it.

Am I a conspiracy kook? Possibly. Are my questions unreasonable? I don't think so (but then again the whole "conspiracy kook" thing).

What happened to Arne? Why have we not been told of the autopsy results? In fact not a word about Arne since he died. What about Hamlin? Let's see his test results showing he dropped dead from "commotio cordis". Please don't tell me it's a "privacy" thing. Everyone on the planet knows what happened to him; we can watch the video. Why would Hamlin not want to assuage people's concerns that this was vax-related by sharing the results proving it wasn't? Why did he look like the star of a hostage video when he refused to say what doctors told him happened?

I think we deserve answers. I think if these two incidents (and tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands or even millions more) are the result of vaccine injury, we have a right to know. I think Arne Espeel deserves justice. But that's just me...

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