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So I’ve been off the COVID thing for a while because quite frankly, it’s beginning to bore me. But I’ve decided to get back in the game, especially when something particularly interesting comes up that exposes the absolute lies we’ve been told by our evil, imbecilic, overlords. Apathy is the arch-nemesis of diligence and, more directly, self-preservation, and I am quite sure the people who destroyed our society are banking on our apathy to help them sneak out the back door while we are distracted by Putin or aliens or gas stoves or some other such nonsense. DO NOT fall for it.

Here’s some new data out of Israel concerning how the jab is killing people (hat tip Steve Kirsch on Substack). You can read the full piece here but for those not interested in knowing how the sausage is made, let’s look at some pictures.

This data is showing the increase in non-COVID deaths following the second jab. The number of deaths go from roughly 15 a day in the first month and then start to increase to about 60 a day by the end of month two. And again, these are non-COVID deaths. This line should be flat, but it ain’t. Can you explain this? I can.

Then there’s this fun little graph concerning young people:

This data is for people ages 12 to 29. To quote Kirsch: “People 12 to 29 showing cardiac events post shot. See that peak on Day 3 at 31? According to the study authors, there is nothing to see here. Move along. Note: if this were a safe vaccine, all the bars would be the same height. Do these bars look the same height to you? Again, if the vaccine is safe, the bars should be the same height. Do you see a problem on day 3? That’s CAUSALITY. There is no other way to explain it.”

Just wondering how you true-believers might explain this. I’m not sure, but I don’t think those first five days fell in the “stroke season” or there’s any indication that these young people spent an excessive amount of time around a gas stove, or maybe the climate got them, or they said hi to a cow; so maybe it was Putin. Or maybe they all got hit in the chest with a ball, or a pillow, or aliens. Who knows. But I would love to hear how you explain this away.

Hey remember a month ago when that 25 year old soccer goalie dropped dead on the field? Still no autopsy results on that guy just like we still have no official word on what happened to that 24 year old football player Damar Hamlin when he dropped dead on the field. Cool.

And for reasons I won’t go into here, the data presented in this report are almost certainly extremely conservative meaning the actual data is probably much worse.

By the way, there’s another paper (a preprint) discussing the efficacy of the bivalent booster which we’ve been told by everyone was our next golden idol. That study can be found here:

This study looked at “...cohorts included 1,197,700 elderly aged 65–120 years and 444,683 chronically-ill individuals aged 18–64 years” and found “Among elderly aged 65–120 years, bivalent vaccination reduced the risk of hospitalisation and death due to COVID-19. Among the elderly the hazard ratios comparing exposed and unexposed ranged from 0.36 to 0.43 during the first 14–30 days since bivalent vaccination but signs of waning were observed as soon as two months after vaccination. Among the chronically ill aged 18–64 years bivalent vaccination did not reduce the risk of severe COVID-19 outcomes”

So I guess what we all “know” that the vax will at least prevent serious illness and death…isn’t true. Oh well, moving on. Wait, what’s that you say? Maybe the booster didn’t do anything for the chronically ill but it probably provided protection for those not chronically ill…who were at zero risk from COVID in the first place? Ok, got it. SCIENCE!!

Everything our overlords have told us; everything our medical expert class has told us; everything the mainstream media has told us for three full years has been a lie. All of it. Prove me wrong. I for one will not soon forget this fact nor will I just move on with life without doing whatever tiny bit I can to ensure that those responsible for the destruction of the very fabric of our society are held accountable. Quite frankly I do not delude myself into believing the Faucis of the world will actually ever pay a price for their lying, stupidity, and corruption, because I believe the American people en masse are too weak-minded and apathetic to demand justice. Just look at what we allowed to be done to us over the last three years.

But I will continue to hold out hope, and I will continue to present data, and I will continue to remind you that NOBODY IS COMING TO SAVE YOU. You’re on your own. Start acting like it.

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