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So if you’ve been reading my posts for any length of time you know my positions are quite clear; chief among them is that our government overlords, our medical “expert” class and our mainstream media talking heads are liars and idiots all. I realize to some that sounds “mean” but as Nick Lowe would say it’s “cruel to be kind” (great song – Google it). I’m trying to get people to understand the totality of the complete cluster-f that has been our response to a virus that has a population survival rate of somewhere around 99.7% at the absolute lowest, and that our “leaders” are either almost inexplicably incompetent or more likely, engaged in some nefarious shenanigans. Today’s example:

Back in January of 2021 just as the Golden Idol was being rolled out, our CDC produced this paper (I usually copy and paste or transcribe if from a video source but today I’ll just screenshot so for those who still think I’m getting my information and data from Alex Jones or Donald Trump you’ll have to come up with another reason to call me names). Pertinent parts are highlighted.

In this document the CDC tells us that we should rest assured as they will be monitoring for any adverse events caused by the “safe and effective” vaccines which were developed and brought to market in a matter of weeks as opposed to years.

So sleep well, little sheep. The CDC will be analyzing and "data mining" (that sounds cool). Now I won’t get into the methods they used for their “monitoring” but it’s a pretty weak way to discern trouble. Anyway, the document referenced above was re-issued this past February of 2022 with some minor changes.

For our purposes here’s the “updated” paragraph of interest:

So after hundreds of millions of vaccines dispensed and one full year of vaccine adverse events data being collected (that should be "sufficient" no?), one would expect the CDC to have plenty of "mined data" and some good news to tell us; and in fact, over the past year they have:

In this article the head of the CDC, one Rochelle Walensky said:

Ah, I miss Rochelle. In the pantheon of idiots or liars she is clearly WAY too stupid to be an effective liar so I kind of feel sorry for her. Remember when they hired a public relations firm to “help” her be better at speaking to the press (read “become a better liar”) but I guess that grand experiment failed and we don’t get to see Rochelle speaking on the Sunday shows much these days. I wonder why.

Anyway, we’ve also seen this:

In this piece we are assured (my bold) “COVID-19 vaccine safety monitoring is the most robust in U.S. history and the two complementary surveillance systems used in this study should bolster confidence that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are safe," said co-author Hannah Rosenblum, MD, also of the CDC, in a statement.

And even this:

WOW!! The vaccine is like Steve Rogers’ Super Soldier Serum. Where do I sign up? This “study” of course was published in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report which is the CDC’s very own house journal which is in actuality a dumpster fire masquerading as a “science” journal, so there’s that. As an aside, UK data currently shows about a 15% increase in all cause mortality (not related to COVID) over the normal average. So with 70-80% of the population vaxxed, how is it possible for that increase to exist if the super serum makes it LESS likely for me to die? MORONS. By the way, you'll notice these two MEDPAGE stories are by the same child playing dress-up and pretending to be the "Deputy Managing Editor".

But then a funny thing happened. Last month an organization called Children’s Health Defense petitioned our CDC under a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to see the CDC’s data on COVID vaccine adverse events. In case you’re not familiar, a FOIA is a request to the government to divulge information that they heretofore have hidden from the public for whom they work. Now if you’ve been reading my posts this is the point when you get ready for me to show you how much worse the actual data is vs. what we’ve been told. Nope, not today. It’s even better than that (or, actually worse). The CDC’s response to this FOIA was:

The CDC admitted (when pushed to answer) it NEVER ANALYZED VAERS FOR SAFETY SIGNALS.

“…no PRRs were conducted by CDC. Furthermore, data mining is outside of the agency’s purview.” In case you’ve already forgotten:

How is this possible? We’ve been assured that monitoring has been the “most robust in history” and our favorite stooge “Dr.” Walensky told us IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS “We have not seen a signal and we’ve actually looked intentionally for the signal…”

What the HELL is going on here? It is not possible for mere incompetence to explain everything we’ve seen over the last two and a half years. Any idiot would get something right once in a while just by sheer chance, but here, every single decision or action taken (or not taken) by our government and medical expert class has been not only wrong, but usually diametrically opposed to what would be right. How do you explain that? As someone smarter than me said, the ship is not rudderless, it’s clearly being steered in only one particular direction. Can anyone explain this?

While I won’t get too deep into the actual data on adverse events relating to the COVID vaccines, here’s a little taste. This data is from way back in September of 2021:

According to Josh Guetzkow, Ph.D. (a guy way smarter and more knowledgeable than me or you or Anthony Fauci or even Joe Biden) “In comments I submitted to the committee along with my collaborators, we provided evidence of large safety signals from VAERS, using published CDC methods to analyze the data…I crunched the numbers, and even after taking into account the total number of vaccinations, the number of reports for COVID vaccines still towers over previous years…No matter how I sliced and diced the data, the safety signal for COVID-19 vaccines rang loud and clear. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could miss it. It would be like taking a hike in Arizona and falling into the Grand Canyon because you didn’t see the big hole in the ground.”

Well now we know they “missed” it because they weren’t even looking, despite the fact that they told us they would be (and were). How do you explain this?

As I have said many times, if you are depending on the government or the medical establishment to save you, you will be failed more often than not. You really better start taking control of your own health destiny now. If you're not stronger, fitter, healthier now than you were two and a half years ago, that's on you. You are your own best doctor. I saw a thing on Instagram that said essentially you’re not an idiot for believing them initially but you are an idiot if now in the face of all the evidence of stupidity, incompetence, or worse, you still believe them. But as always, you do you.

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