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So in case you haven’t been paying attention, things are going crazy in the United Kingdom. Now we’ve been through this data several times so this is just a couple of quick sentences about the situation and then a couple other stories to support my larger point.

First, pretty much every single “eligible” human being in the UK is fully vaccinated and/or boosted. With that in mind, it’s of some interest that right now, infection rates are “UNPRECEDENTED” in the UK with about 1 in 14 people actively, symptomatically infected. Not 1 in 14 since the beginning of the ‘rona, 1 in 14 RIGHT NOW. The reinfection rate is about TEN TIMES HIGHER during the Omicron regime (December to present) than it was during Delta.The infection rate for March was TWICE that of February. It’s the HIGHEST EVER. This is all with more than 99% of the population showing antibodies to the virus (although most of that is from the vax). And in case you’re new to my little circus, I have previously shown the most recent UK data shows that as many as 90% of hospitalizations and deaths are in the fully vaccinated and/or boosted. So I think we should be able to agree that the promise of salvation via vax has fallen somewhat short. And in case you’re screaming “This is why we shouldn’t be easing up on masking, social distancing and locking down!!” I submit the following for your perusal.

If you missed this story from last week, a Princess Cruises ship, named the Ruby Princess suffered a COVID outbreak. Not really news these days, in fact this is the SAME EXACT story we started with way back in February of 2020 before we knew anything about the "novel" coronavirus. But the interesting part here is (my bold or caps for emphasis) “Everybody aboard the ship was fully vaccinated and had to provide proof of a negative COVID test before boarding…As with all Princess itineraries, this cruise is operated as a vaccinated cruise, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Guests and crew vaccination rates were at 100%," Now nobody, not the cruise line, not the Port of San Francisco where the ship docked, and not the CDC would say how many people were infected (I wonder why), but by looking at the “orange” status of the ship as designated by the CDC, we can glean that at least 125 people were infected; at least. This after only one-quarter of the passengers/crew were randomly tested, so we really don’t know how many of the “fully vaccinated” people with “proof of a negative COVID test” were actually infected.

Again, this infection of the “fully vaccinated” is of course nothing new. “Fully vaccinated” people are getting infected all the time (see above). Hey remember when we all “knew” the vaccines were “95% effective” at stopping infection? That was awesome! But even with full vaccination and maximum mitigation strategies, the virus is gonna virus. In January of this year there were several reports out of Antarctica of outbreaks in what would be considered the most COVID-secure places on earth. A report from a Belgian research station showed 11 of 33 research workers were infected as “the first case was reported on Dec. 15 in a worker who had traveled to Antarctica with a group via South Africa despite strict testing and travel requirements.” “Well how strict could they have been?” you ask?

“Before arriving in South Africa from their country of origin, the workers were required to have a negative PCR test at least 72 hours prior to the flight. The employees then had to quarantine in South Africa for 10 days and take another PCR test five days into the quarantine period…Once the quarantine period was over, each person was required to take another test 48 hours before their flight to Antarctica and five days after arrival…It was on the sixth day after arrival that the first worker tested positive followed by two more workers…The workers had all been FULLY VACCINATED against COVID-19 with at least one having received a booster shot.” A similar story played out at an Argentine research facility where at least 24 of 43 personnel were infected despite “To prevent infection at its Antarctic outposts, Argentina has isolated and tested some 300 scientists and military personnel since December aboard an icebreaker which is currently bringing them back to Antarctica.” This also happened at a Chilean base in late 2020.

So spin it any way you want, the tests don’t really tell us anything (Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test told us that years ago), the vaccines don’t seem to be doing much, and “quarantining” should have never been a thing (even the World Health Organization said quarantining the exposed was a silly idea). The point? You can’t hide any better than these people did. I spoke of this a year ago when discussing the Marine study which locked down recruits as tightly as could possibly be done short of hermetically sealing them in a mayonnaise jar and leaving them on the porch (hat tip Carnac the Magnificent – Google it), and still the virus spread.

It is CRYSTAL CLEAR now that the vaccines DO NOT protect you from getting infected or passing it on. Do they “save you” from serious illness or death? Not according to UK data. In any event, if you are STILL living in fear of the ‘rona it might be time to consider these stories. Since Andrew Cuomo was “shocked” to find out that 66% of cases being admitted to the hospital were from people dutifully hiding in their homes way back in May of 2020, to today, the story is the same. You can’t hide from this virus. Double-masked, triple (or now quadruple) vaxxed, hiding under your bed, washing your mail; no matter what you do the ‘vid is gonna gitchya. Your best defense, as always, is a good offense. So if you haven’t heeded my exhortations before, consider that instead of depending on idiots and liars to save your life, you start getting healthier. Even Fauci could not deny (although he has never acknowledged) that even relatively healthy people have absolutely NO REASON to be concerned about the “novel” coronavirus.

Improve sleep, nutrition, exercise, sun exposure (Vitamin D levels), stress reduction; stop eating garbage and lose some weight and all will be fine. Or just line up for shots four and five and six and…the choice is still yours.

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