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So we’ve been over this data several times over the past several months but I like to revisit it because it reinforces the provability of the lies we’ve been told since the vax showed up. As we have discussed before, I use this UK data because they actually produce data, unlike here in the good old USA where we’re just TOLD what we “know” but nobody ever produces actual data to support their position (can you say “The science has changed”?). The most important lie this data uncovers (again and again) is the lie that this is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”. President Corn-Pop-Slayer just wore that line out; but alas, it’s not true, never was. Let’s take a look.

First some basic metrics. Right now you have about 73% (about 50 million people) of the UK “fully vaccinated” and about 57% (about 39 million people) boosted. Those numbers have been essentially the same since the beginning of the year. On January 1st those numbers were 71% and 51%. About 22% of the population is completely unvaxxed; most of those kids. That’s why I start my data below at age 18 and up. Kids are essentially immune from harm from the ‘vid and all we really care about is, is the vaccine protecting me from dying.

For the month of February, from the age of 18 and up, we see (rounding to nearest thousand) 75,000 “cases” in the unvaxxed, 144,000 in the “fully vaxxed” and 615,000 in the boosted. That means that 91% of “cases” are in the fully vaxxed/boosted group while only about 9% are in the unvaxxed. Perhaps more disturbingly, 74% are in the boosted. What’s up with that? I thought the booster was supposed to protect you, at least for two or three months. But the truth be told, who really cares about "cases"? Even the federal government recently changed their metric of concern from cases to hospitalizations and Abracadabra, the "emergency" disappeared.

For hospitalizations we see 85% are in the fully vaxxed/boosted group with about 15% in the unvaxxed. Again about 68% of hospitalizations are in the boosted.

For deaths within 28 days of a positive test we see 90% are in the fully vaxxed/boosted group with 71% of deaths in the boosted.

For deaths within 60 days of a positive test we see 91% are in the fully vaxxed/boosted with 70% of deaths in the boosted.

Couple things. First, it is as clear as it can be, regardless of what Joe or Tony (where IS he anyway?), or Rochelle or even Mika tell you, the idea that it’s the filthy unvaxxed who are “clogging up” our hospitals and causing heart attack patients to die on the curb is now, and always has been, a lie. Not a miscalculation or mistake, a LIE. If you look at the raw numbers, you have about 5,700 fully vaxxed/boosted (4,600 of those boosted) “clogging up” the hospitals vs. only 1,000 unvaxxed taking up space there. And you have about 9,000 fully vaxxed/boosted (7,100 of those boosted) taking up morgue space while only less than 1,000 unvaxxed dying. So it is crystal clear that the “pandemic of the uvaccinated” is a LIE. I wonder why Joe isn’t pushing that line anymore? PUTIN!! Second, let’s take a look at how they lie to us about how “effective” the vaccine is.

Now if you look at the data, it is true that the unvaxxed are being hospitalized or dying at a RATE about two to three times higher than those with “at least 3 doses”. Why they don’t list data for those “fully vaccinated” (just the two shots we were told would set us free) I’ll leave to your imagination. So of course the headline you would read is that you are TWO TO THREE TIMES MORE LIKELY TO DIE if you’re unvaxxed vs. those who are boosted. Of course two to three times nothing is still nothing, so there's that. We have been over this PANIC PORN slant of the numbers before, so let’s take a moment to look from a different, more sober perspective.

In the UK in the month of February, you had about 9,100 deaths in those fully vaxxed or boosted (78% of those boosted) out of a roughly 50 million fully vaxxed folks. That’s a population fatality rate of 0.02% (two one-hundredths of one percent). Then you have about 960 deaths in the unvaxxed. With about 15 million folks in that group, you have a population fatality rate of 0.06% (six one-hundredths of one percent). So once again you see that indeed the unvaxxed are dying at THREE TIMES the rate of the vaxxed…BUT let’s look at the real-time situation on the ground.

If you’re a fully vaccinated human being walking the earth today (or at least walking in the United Kingdom), your chance of dying from the ‘rona looks to be about 0.02%. If you’re a completely unvaccinated human being wandering the planet (or again, at least in the UK), your chance of dying from the ‘rona looks to be about 0.06%. That means that the “advantage” you have given yourself by getting jabbed two or three times in the last year over the deplorable “anti-vaxxer” is all of 0.04%; or FOUR ONE-HUNDREDTHS OF ONE PERCENT. That’s it. We’ve discussed these numbers for months and they have remained consistent going all the way back to the Pfizer trial data. And while four one-hundredths of one percent may seem enticing to some, that doesn’t include whatever (unknowable) longer-term adverse effects one might experience from this vaccine. Suffice it to say, there’s LOTS of smoke in the air, so there’s almost certainly some fire to come.

Now there is admittedly some nuance to this UK data. Those in the fully vaxxed/boosted group will be predominantly older, fatter, sicker, more unfit, and more scared people so we would expect that group to have more incidents; they are more “vulnerable”. Conversely the unvaxxed group is populated by younger, fitter, less sickly and less scared people so it makes sense they would have better numbers. But you also have to calculate in risk-averse behaviors. Those in the vax group are much more likely to wear a mask or three, hide under their beds, not engage with family and friends (certainly not horrible unvaxxed ones), and not go to public venues; they are more fearful and more “careful”. Those in the unvaxxed group generally don’t give two hoots and are out living their lives going to bars and restaurants and sporting events and movies and ragers, etc. So they are generally putting themselves more “at risk” and that will mitigate, at least to some degree, the disadvantages of those in the vax group concerning age and vitality.

Anyway, just thought I’d share some data that might get those who actually believe they “know” something about this pandemic because some “expert” or talking head told them so, to think that maybe what they “know” isn’t actually what is. As this thing winds down (hopefully) we must not forget two years of the lies and hysterical lunacy that destroyed so much of the fabric of our lives. Remember how Biden told us in December of 2020 that 250,000 more Americans would die in that month? He said “I don’t want to scare anybody here but understand the FACTS: we’re likely to lose another 250,000 people, DEAD, between now and January, because people aren’t paying attention.” About 84,000 actually died. A lot of people and tragic to be sure, but nowhere near what Joe told us “the FACTS” said. Funny how no reporters ever questioned him on that one…And then again just this past December of 2021 Joe warned all the stupid unvaccinated (who strangely no longer appear to be a “danger” to the fully vaccinated) “We are looking at a winter of SEVERE ILLNESS AND DEATH for the unvaccinated -- for themselves, their families and the hospitals they'll SOON OVERWHELM. But there's good news: If you're vaccinated and you have your booster shot, YOU’RE PROTECTED from severe illness and death," Now that the winter is over, we see that we’ve lost about 20,000 less people per month over the last three months (since Joe issued his warning) than we did during the same period last year. And as far as the “good news” of being “PROTECTED” if you’re vaxxed and boosted, well, see the data above. We CANNOT forget all the lies and propaganda.

I’m not here to dissuade anyone from getting vaccinated; I couldn’t care less if you do or you don’t and it’s none of my damn business (or anyone else’s) anyway. Although I will say that if you’re one of those parents who’s fretting that you can’t yet inject your two-year-old or you're waiting nervously to boost your college kid, you might want to slow your roll. As we move into spring and summer, take advantage of these next six months to get yourself healthier so you won’t have to worry about whatever apocalypse may come next fall. Remember that out of almost 1 million people allegedly dead from the ‘vid, almost all of them were significantly compromised. Almost NO even relatively healthy people have died from a coronavirus infection. Start sleeping better, eating better, exercising more, and getting out in the sun. It’s your life, not Biden’s or Fauci's (no really, where is "The Science"?).

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