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So in an article published by the New York Times today entitled “White House Outlines Covid Vaccine Plan for Children Under 5” we’re told that the long-awaited shot for little kids aged six months to five years old is just right around the corner. Pet Peeve Alert: How many times do I have to point out that these children playing dress-up and pretending to be journalists (and editors) can't even get the name right. It's COVID not Covid. It's an acronym for the love of Pete!!! How can you trust anything they say when they can't even get the most important word on planet earth right??? And yes, I know that its officially COVID-19 so step back. Anyway, although we’re told that (bolding mine) “Orders from states have been somewhat tepid so far…” we’re also told “Parents have long clamored for the option, and were briefly given hope over the winter…”

First, if parents have “long clamored” for the shot, then why the “tepid” ordering”? Those two statements don’t seem to go together, but, whatever. Second, if you are in fact one of those “clamoring” parents please consider the following:

After almost two and a half years of the virus that would end all life on earth, the CDC tells us that a total of 1,086 kids have died of “All Deaths involving COVID-19”. That’s all kids age 0-17. Pet Peeve Alert: Why isn't "involving" capitalized? Who's running that CDC anyway? Anyway that's out of 81,532 total deaths in this age range. That means that kids who died with a positive PCR test account for about 1.3% of all childhood deaths. How much have we heard about the other 98.7% over these last two years?

If you’re worried about three year-old Junior, the CDC says a total of 442 children age 0-4 have died while “involved” with COVID. That means, by the way, if a child died in a car accident or a drowning or a lightning strike, but tested positive for coronavirus at the hospital (and he would absolutely be tested), he’s most likely been counted in these figures. For all you dummies out there parading around with your unmasked faces and unvaccinated bodies, that’s called science. Learn it.

But a little back-of-the-napkin math shows us that the risk of your child (age 0-17) dying from COVID (or from something else while testing positive for coronavirus) stands at about 0.001, or one one-thousandth of one percent. For kids 0-4 the risk skyrockets up to a whopping 0.002, or two one-thousandths of one percent. And remember, that's for any child who died from any thing but coincidentally had a positive COVID test.

Weigh those risks against a “vaccine” that is a “novel” (hey, if it’s good enough for the coronavirus, it’s good enough for the vaccine) technology which had never before been successfully formulated and implemented (after years of trying) yet somehow in a matter of weeks was created by not one but two companies at the same time (with one of them never having previously produced anything at all that worked) and then approved in a matter of weeks when it usually takes years for approval that we were assured was “safe and effective” which has proved to be neither (and the longer term adverse effects are unknowable) to protect your kid against a virus that presents literally a zero risk of anything bad happening to him or her (whew, all in one breath). By the way, for you non-mathers out there, it is mathematically impossible to improve on zero risk, so there’s that.

And by the way again, Pfizer reported a first-quarter revenue of some $25.7 billion, which reflects a 77% growth over the same period from last year with most of that revenue coming from the vaccine. They also reported a net income of about $8 billion, which reflects a 61% increase over last year, and about 90 million dollars a day in profit. $90,000,000 A DAY.

You might want to think real hard on this one before you jab Junior.

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