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So today we’re going to play another round (actually two rounds) of everyone’s favorite interweb game show, “IDIOT OR LIAR?” where we take the words or actions of a government apparatchik, medical “expert”, or mainstream media talking head, compare their words or actions to what actually happened or is happening, and then try to determine if that person is a an idiot who doesn’t know what he’s talking about or a liar who knows the truth but says something different to advance a certain agenda.

Today we have two contestants; the current undefeated world champ of “IDIOT OR LIAR” Dr. Anthony Fauci, and the second most successful contestant of the game, one Joseph Biden. First we’ll look at Fauci, and then later today or tomorrow Biden. Let’s get to it. As always, my bold for emphasis.

CNN reporter: “The updated, the bivalent COVID boosters, um they work about as well as the original boosters but no better, which had of course been hoped that they would be kind of, more protective if you will…Is that disappointing news?

Fauci: “Well, if that is the case, it’s not that disappointing because both of them work very well…But even if it turns out they’re equivalent, they both did very well which means there’s no reason not to and a very good reason to, get your booster shot.”

CNN reporter: “That’s absolutely right…”

I just discussed the other day data published by the CDC itself, showing that the old booster was, at its apex only 60% effective at preventing HOSPITALIZATION, not just infection, and within four short months dropped to an efficacy of at best 29% (and you can bet your baby brother’s bippy those numbers are, shall we say, optimistic). And as I have shown several times before, after about six to eight months, these shots show negative efficacy, which is to say if you’ve been vaxxed you’ve actually increased your risk of infection – just like another of our most popular contestants Rochelle Walensky who caught COVID just about one month after receiving her brand new bivalent booster (her fourth or fifth jab); which “did very well”. And by the way, the whole stated purpose of the new bivalent booster was to provide “more protection” because it would include the ability to force your body to produce a whole different viral protein which would surely keep you “safe”. Why EXACTLY is it not “disappointing” that the new booster failed to meet its stated purpose? So my brakes are worn out and that makes driving my car dangerous so I spend 400 bucks to get new brakes but my car still stops for sh*t. I go back to my mechanic to complain but he says “Why are you disappointed? They work as well as the old ones (which didn’t work).” SCIENCE!!

Now I am of course not a virologist, vaccinologist, epidemiologist, infectious disease doctor, or a tiny little man who has a bobble-head doll of himself on his car’s dashboard, so maybe I just don’t understand the nuances of the description that “both of them work very well” but 29% efficacy (again, against HOSPITALIZATION) doesn’t seem to be the kind of number one would describe as working “very well”. Remember the FDA’s original low bar for vaccine approval was 50% (and that was against infection, which should have told us all we needed to know about this farce), and again, I’m not an “expert” but I’m pretty sure 29% protection against HOSPITALIZATION falls somewhere below 50% protection against INFECTION.

So what do you think? Is Fauci an idiot who just doesn’t know the data published by his own people (I know he’s not the head of the CDC but they sit in the cubicle right next to him), or is he a liar who knows the data but simply cannot help himself but continue to, dare I say, spread “misinformation”?

By the way, the reason this new bivalent booster stinks is because for those who’ve been previously vaxxed (the only ones who can get this booster), they are most certainly suffering from “imprinting” or from what is referred to as “original antigenic sin” wherein the vaccines have programmed their immune systems to create an antibody (and T-cell) response almost exclusively to the original (and long extinct) Wuhan strain, and as such now leaves those people open to COVID infections forever (somebody smart warned about this a year and a half ago). That would seem to be a “reason not to” get yet another vaccine that doesn’t work, but whatever.

And a quick shout out to the intrepid CNN reporter who listened to Fauci's pablum and responded, not with the simple points i just raised, but with “That’s absolutely right…” I'm pretty sure we don't need to have her on the game show to know which one she is.

I’ve been saying for a long time I thought Fauci was clearly a liar but certainly not dumb; evil perhaps, but not dumb. Now I’m starting to allow for the possibility that he really is just another government imbecile.

What do you think? IDIOT OR LIAR? It has to be one of the two.

Later we’ll take a look at Biden…

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