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So here’s today’s comment on the stupidity of those who “lead” us. This one’s from Michigan State University, an alleged institution of higher learning. The headline (caps mine):

“MSU to lift mask mandate for MOST INDOOR SETTINGS on March 6”

Well that sounds good. Not sure all these mask mandate cancellations coming right around the same time as the State of the Union speech where hundreds of people (many quite old) got to pal around; hug, kiss, head butt, with each other in an enclosed space with no masks is a coincidence, but whatever. At least sanity has returned and masks are no more…

Then we read the article, and “Michigan State University is lifting its mask mandate in most indoor settings, INCLUDING ATHLETIC EVENTS, starting Sunday…Michigan State University will not require face coverings or masks in MOST INDOOR SETTINGS starting March 6…Masks will STILL BE REQUIRED IN CLASSROOMS and academic research labs...”

So no masks (or vax passports) at basketball games where up to 15,000 people pack in shoulder to shoulder and shout at the top of their lungs for hours; basketball games through which the University makes tons of money, but in classrooms with on average maybe 50 people, maybe as few as 12 people (generally no yelling or singing going on) where every single person MUST be fully vaxxed AND boosted, there you still have to wear a mask.

This has NOTHING to do with safety or science; it can't. Not sure how you come to any conclusion other than this is about continuing to control our kids; the students who have no recourse against this type of authoritarian and MORONIC action by our overlords. Exactly how much longer will we allow our kids to be abused?

But you keep twisting yourself into a pretzel to somehow justify or explain this type of criminal lunacy. Good luck with that.

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