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So we’ve all heard this setup before. In this case the complete thought is “Tell me you’re a lying idiot without telling me you’re a lying idiot.

Enter one Anthony Fauci.

Yesterday Anthony “THE SCIENCE” Fauci reported (my bold) “I believe I’m about close to if not at 100% the way I was before infection. So I’m really fortunate that I’ve done very well. And I keep telling people when they ask me that, is that I was vaccinated, and doubly boosted, and I believe if I did not have that degree of background protection I would’ve had a much more serious course. My course was relatively light minor symptoms, and right now I’m completely without symptoms and I feel very good, very energetic.”

Couple things. First, it’s good to hear Tony’s back on the horse of obfuscation, which is his particular wheelhouse. He ALWAYS qualifies his statements (“I believe” “I’m about close” and so on). He NEVER actually says anything; he just plays around the edges. This is the hallmark of a coward…or a politician, but whatever.

Second, he’s a liar and provably so. “…I’m really fortunate that I’ve done very well…I believe I would’ve had a much more serious course.” This has been the mantra of political hacks and celebrity imbeciles alike for months now. “Thank the gods for the vax otherwise I could’ve been much worse!” Bullocks!! Can Lord Farquaad tell us EXACTLY how he comes to the “belief” that he would’ve done much worse without being quadruple vaxxed? I’d really like to see that science. In this country alone literally tens of millions of people got infected, got a mild cold at worst, and recovered just fine thank you without the Golden Idol in a syringe. Even before the vax the "survival" rate was more than 99% so not sure how exactly the vaccine makes him "really fortunate" but then again I wasn't up for "Sexiest Man of the Year". By the way, I’ve taken a few “science” classes in my time and I don’t remember a chapter on “belief”, but maybe I was absent that day. By the way again, how about an explanation for if you take four “vaccines” (which we were told in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS was 95% “effective”) within about 18 months you will still get sick? SCIENCE! If you didn’t read my last two posts dealing with how the “background protection” of the vaccines actually makes you more susceptible to infection and serious illness, you might want to check them out.

Anyway, remember just more than a week ago I reported (“IF IT WASN’T SO PATHETIC IT WOULD BE FUNNY” 6/29/22) the little fella told us “The quadruple-vaccinated Dr. Anthony Fauci said he is experiencing a ‘much worse’ COVID rebound after being treated with Pfizer’s antiviral medication Paxlovid…Fauci said Tuesday that after he recovered from his initial bout with the coronavirus, he tested negative for three days, but then tested positive again on the fourth day…‘And then over the next day or so, I started to feel really poorly, much worse than in the first go around,’ Fauci said. ‘So I went back on Paxlovid and right now I am on my fourth day of a five-day course.’…The scientist added that he is now feeling better but ‘not completely without symptoms.’”

So which is it? “…done very well… My course was relatively light minor symptoms…” or “…really poorly, much worse than in the first go around.”? Meanwhile now he’s about a month into his illness when almost everybody is clear within a week; but thank the gods for the four vaccines and two courses of drugs, otherwise he may have exploded. By the way, Fauci didn’t “follow the science” in taking Paxlovid; it wasn’t indicated for him, and certainly not a second course, but again, whatever.

So quadruple vaxxed and double Plaxxed and almost a full month later feeling well enough to start lying again. It’s good to have him back. But stay tuned, this may not be over yet…

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