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So as you probably know, the federal government has approved this new “bivalent” booster shot to help protect you from the evil coronavirus that has an infection fatality rate of about 0.1% which is the same as the seasonal flu. This would be your fourth (or possibly fifth) shot in roughly 20 months of a new mRNA “vaccine” that you were promised IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS would keep you from becoming infected with corona…no I mean keep you from symptomatic COV…no I mean keep you from serious illness and death. Yes, definitely those last two. DEFINITELY. That’s why we now “know” this new bivalent vax will work; because they told us so and it has not one but TWO different variants in it. And by the way, not only is this one better, if for some reason you wanted a booster of the previous concoction, you can’t get that anymore, because this one is so much better.

Whew, good thing our overlords and medical “experts” are looking out for us. But in what can only be called a “coincidence”, nary seven weeks after approving the new bivalent vaccine (and eliminating the old booster) which will definitely work to prevent…OK not infection, transmission, or symptomatic illness, but definitely severe illness or death, a report is released BY THE CDC telling us (my bold) “CDC: Monovalent Vax Has 'Limited' Protection Against BA.4/5 Hospitalization”.

Wait what? What happened to the vax will protect us from “severe illness”? This report tells us “In immunocompetent adults, vaccine effectiveness (VE) against hospitalization with three doses of mRNA vaccine dropped from 69% during the BA.1/BA.2 period to 31% during BA.4/BA.5…During the period of BA.4/BA.5 specifically, protection against hospitalization declined from 60% in the first 4 months from the third dose to 29% thereafter” So after THREE SHOTS the vaccine’s protection against HOSPITALIZATION was AT MOST 69% and then dropped all the way down to 29%? And remember these numbers are in healthy people (who never needed any of these shots), not “immune compromised” people. And this is from the CDC itself (so you can bet those numbers are padded). Hey remember when the vaccine provided “95% protection” against even “getting” COVID? Remember how we were later assured repeatedly that, OK if it doesn’t prevent infection or transmission, at least it would keep you out of the hospital? Just 29% after three shots and only four months? Good times. Oh, and yeah, it’s probably a really good idea to keep priming your immune system to repeatedly go into overdrive to produce a protein completely foreign to human existence. That’ll probably end well.

But hey that’s all old news. Don’t worry, those statistics are for the “Monovalent Vax”. Monovalent, shmonovalent; that’s yesterday’s tech and it’s for losers. All the cool kids are now taking the BIVALENT shots. See how that works? None of that 29% nonsense should matter now as we have this really cool “bivalent” vaccine which forces your body to produce not one but TWO viral proteins. It’s part original Wuhan strain, part BA.4/BA.5, so NOW we definitely have nothing to worry about. After all, it was tested on eight whole mice because…science. Who cares that the effectiveness of every one of these vaccines waned down to zero (or worse) in just months; who cares that you “need” a new shot every six, five, three, or even two months? Now we are covering BOTH evil-doer strains. Case closed, roll up your sleeve…

Exceepptt, for articles like this published this week: “New York’s struggle with the new Omicron variant BQ is trying to tell us something” wherein we’re told “Right now, New York is seeing mounting cases of the extremely transmissible, immune-evasive BQ family of COVID variants, , which includes BQ.1 and BQ.1.1.” Hey, a new boogeyman, and just in time for the holidays! But don’t worry, this new “bivalent” vaccine will definitely be effective against ANY new variants that come along. And if not, Pfizer will be happy to make a new vax, maybe even by Christmas if necessary. That would make such a thoughtful stocking-stuffer, don't you think? Just be prepared for all sorts of “new variant” and “immune escape” talk from your Aunt Karen who only drops her mask long enough to shovel turkey into her disease-spreader at the Thanksgiving table this year. Sweet.

And am I the only one who thinks it’s “interesting” that this information about how poorly the vaccines actually worked doesn’t come to light until after the “new” one comes out? Did you EVER hear an inkling from Fauci about the “‘Limited’ Protection” of the previous vaccine while they were pushing it? Anybody remember Biden mumbling something about 29%? No? Me neither.

Now some of us have been showing you data from all over the world (not in this country where we just “follow the science” with no data at all) that there was really no protection against hospitalization or death from the vax, but many out there “knew” those of us discussing actual data were crackpots because Rachel Maddow told you so. It appears yesterday’s crackpot is today’s oracle.

If this wasn’t so serious it would be funny. It’ll be interesting to see who they blame next for this new vaccine’s failure; bats, pangolins, orange man bad, the filthy unvaccinated, the Corbomite Maneuver (Google it), Putin? I’m not sure who’s left. Anyway, we are once again left with our leaders either being incompetents or liars. Your choice.

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