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So we’ve all heard about this vaccine that was going to save the world from the evil “novel” coronavirus that came from an animal in a wet market in Wuhan, China where after searching for two and a half years nobody can seem to find an infected animal anywhere but they CAN find a big old laboratory that does experimental work on coronaviruses, right? You know, the vaccine you were forced to get at threat of your job? The one that if you declined to roll up your sleeve you would be called all sorts of names and get disinvited from your cousin’s wedding? Yeah, that one. Anyway, this new golden idol, THIS will save the country from a virus that at least 99.7% of the population will survive; most with no more than a cold.

Except evidently it won’t. I won’t go through all the numbers here again showing the all-but-complete fallacy of the jab, but I just thought this is a funny point of interest.

You see, it turns out that Albert Bourla, everyone’s favorite veterinarian and CEO of everyone’s favorite drug company Pfizer, has COVID…again.

Four shots, at least one round of Paxlovid, and still COVID twice in two months. Just like Anthony Fauci and Joe Biden and Jill Biden; the most “protected” people literally in the known universe.

But I’m sure he’s quite “grateful” for the vaccine which protected him from “serious illness” from a virus, which, as an even relatively healthy human being walking around on planet earth, was never a threat to him to begin with.

For those of you too dumb to understand how someone could get four “vaccines” in about 18 months and still get infected with the virus against which the vaccines were promised to protect (hey remember “95% effective”), not once but twice, can still insist you get vaccinated to protect yourself and others, it’s called “science”. You should follow it; all the cool kids do.

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