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So as you may be aware, the new genius who’s playing mayor in New York City, a particular gem named Eric Adams, has made some headlines by mandating that toddlers between two and four years old continue to wear masks in schools and daycares. He was supposed to be less crazy than the last guy, but whatever. This as Adams insists “I feel more urgent about dropping that mandate more than others. Trust me when I tell you I want you to see the faces of our children,” but then ““I’m totally at the mercy of my health team, they stated that we’re continuing to look at the numbers, once they are comfortable and will give me the orders, I’m champing at the bit to get it done.” I'm happy to hear we will continue to torment and damage our toddler in pursuit of the "comfort" of the "experts". This excuse must be in the “Idiotic Government Officials” handbook: “I must listen to the health authorities, they know best.” (Hey remember when the CDC told us cloth masks were best or when the CDC told us if you were vaxxed you wouldn’t get infected? Good times.) But considering that, by any metric ever, kids this age have NEVER been at any risk from ANY FORM of COVID, one would wonder just who these “health authorities” are who are giving the good Mayor such sage advice. Morons.

As I have documented for you probably more than a dozen times in the past two years, there is NO LEGITIMATE EVIDENCE on planet earth to show that masks do anything “more than zero” to stem the spread in the real world of the evil coronavirus, or any respiratory virus. Ever. Now we have two more studies to throw on the pile of “actual evidence that is ignored.”

First, this study out of Spain which took advantage of a natural experiment in masking. In Catalonia, researchers looked at the incidence of COVID in two groups: preschoolers age 3-5 and primary-schoolers age 6-11. In Catalonia there was no mask mandate for kids under 6, just like most other places on the planet and in line with even the World Health Organization’s guidelines. The results (my bolding for emphasis): SARS-CoV-2 incidence was significantly lower in preschool than in primary education, and an age-dependent trend was observed. Children aged 3 and 4 showed lower outcomes for all the analysed epidemiological variables, while children aged 11 had the higher values. Six-year-old children showed higher incidence than 5 year-olds.” Here’s the graph:

As I have pointed out many times before, if masks actually did anything, you would see some deflection downward in the case incidence line when masks were implemented – you would have to. But alas, you never do. This is not some esoteric modeling projection, this is an examination (as are all actual case graphs) of what ACTUALLY happened; not what MIGHT happen if you didn’t wear your obedience diaper. In this case, you see no difference at all between the five year olds (third blue dot from left) and the older kids beyond. No difference. How is that possible? How can you implement masks on six year olds but see NO decrease in cases? I would really like an explanation. Anyone?

Next study; this one out of Finland, again taking advantage of a natural experiment. The city of Helsinki followed national guidelines and did not mask up kids 10-12 while the city of Turku decided to be smarter and mask those kids 10-12 because…science. These two cities were chosen to examine because they showed similar baseline incidences (before the masking) which indicates that all else being equal, the mask mandate would be responsible for any difference seen. So what did we see? “…no additional effect seemed to be gained from this,” Here’s the graph:

In fact, things seem to be slightly worse in Turku where they masked up the 10-12 year olds. How do you explain that?

Maybe someone should tell New York City’s “health experts” about this. Or maybe Mayor Adams could actually read something for himself. Probably too busy forcing school kids to eat leaves and twigs for lunch…

It continues to amaze me that study after study shows, by the actual SCIENCE AND DATA, that masks do nothing yet we continue to allow our overlords to impose this nonsense upon us (shout out Philadelphia). Remember this come September. Fauci just said this weekend that “We may need to revert to being more careful and having more utilizations of masks indoors,” come fall. This after he said "[COVID-19] is not going to be eradicated, and it's not going to be eliminated...It's going to be a person's decision about the individual risks they're going to take," Of course here in New Jersey the Governor says “I’d be shocked if we put a mandate like that [Philadelphia] in place in New Jersey,” but he may just be too busy right now trying to teach your six year old about their body parts to think about masking us back up. Time will tell.


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