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5 MINUTE READ (really, don’t let all the pictures scare you off)

So here’s a headline from ABC News published yesterday (my caps for emphasis) “Who is dying from COVID? Still MAINLY THE UNVACCINATED”

Ah yes, that oldie but goodie, the “pandemic of the unvaccinated” (notice old Joe's not mumbling that one so much anymore). We’re told such things as “Infectious disease doctors SAY it is still MAINLY UNVACCINATED PEOPLE, most of whom are in their 30s and 40s with no underlying health issues, who are dying…‘The vast majority of patients – ANYWHERE FROM 75% AND GREATER -- we're seeing is primarily unvaccinated individuals who are GETTING COVID and wind up in the hospital severely ill and are currently dying,'… A SMALL PERCENTAGE of deaths are among fully vaccinated (and boosted) people who are either older or have preexisting conditions that increase their risk of dying…” So not only the unvaxxed, but now after two years it seems the healthy 30 and 40 year olds are the “target”. So first it was Grandma, then Junior, now the “healthy”. YIKES!

That’s all very interesting and scary, but my question is, where is the actual data? In case you’re not aware, two days ago the New York Times published a piece entitled “The C.D.C. ISN’T PUBLISHING LARGE PORTIONS OF THE COVID DATA IT COLLECTS” with the first line “The agency has WITHHELD CRITICAL DATA on boosters, hospitalizations and, until recently, wastewater analyses.” I might address this in another post, but for brevity’s sake we’ll move on. You can read it here now if you want: but basically it’s raising the question of WHY the CDC would withhold information (which is a very good question). And this is not “Canadian Truckers Weekly” or “Domestic Terrorists R Us”; it’s the New York Times.

Anyway, as I have pointed out several times before, other countries don’t simply “TELL” us what’s going on (like our “experts” do here), they actually produce data which, by some strange magic, seem to show a completely different story than what we’re “TOLD”.

In the U.K. for instance, they’re latest data shows us (age 18 and up) that fully 68% of “cases” are in the triple-vaxxed, 22% are in the double-vaxxed, and 10% are in the unvaxxed. Now, testing and “cases” are pretty crappy metrics, but when we look at hospitalizations and deaths we see 60% of hospitalizations are in the triple-vaxxed, 25% in the double, and 18% in the unvaxxed. We also see about 62% of deaths in the triple-vaxxed, 26% in the double, and only 13% in the unvaxxed. But wait, we were just TOLD by some “experts” here that we have “ANYWHERE FROM 75% AND GREATER” of the sick and dead are unvaxxed while the U.K data shows us that 85% AND GREATER are fully vaxxed or more. That’s diametrically opposite to what we're being TOLD here. By the way, about 57% of the U.K. is tripled-vaxxed. So with 57% triple-vaxxed and 60%-plus hospitalized and dead from this same group, it doesn’t appear the third shot is doing anything at all. How do you explain that? If you “simply don’t believe me” (if I had a buck for every time I’ve heard that, I’d have a bunch of bucks), here are the actual charts with the actual data. Do the math yourself. Why should I have all the fun?

Here are some raw RATE numbers from the U.K.

What’s interesting here is that the RATE of death is essentially identical in people up to 30 years old between those triple-vaxxed and those completely unvaxxed. This tells you that the third shot (or perhaps ANY shots for these age groups) is all but useless so one might ask why we’re pushing the "booster" so hard here on say, college students. Oh and by the way, anyone know why the U.K. stopped publishing this data for those “fully vaxxed” with two shots (which is 73% of their population)? Asking for a friend…

How about Australia? From New South Wales Health we see that the triple-vaxxed account for only 4% of “cases”, while the double-vaxxed are 64% and the unvaxxed are only 12%. For hospitalizations, triple is 5%, double is 62% and unvaxxed is 10%. For deaths triple is 7%, double is 64% and unvaxxed is only 22%. Again numbers that are just about exactly opposite of what we’re TOLD here. How do you explain that?

You will also notice here that the RATES of hospitalizations or deaths (the highlighted percentage of cases that end up in the hospital or dead) are essentially identical between the three vax groups. 0.1% to 0.2% of “cases” in the unvaxxed end up hospitalized or dead; 0.1% to 0.2% of double or triple vaxxed “cases” end up hospitalized or dead. And the RATE for the unvaxxed would be lower still if we had an accurate number as to how many unvaxxed were actually infected. Again this shows the third shot does nothing. Remember how we were TOLD the “booster” might not stop infection, but it WOULD protect you from serious illness or death. Apparently, by the actual data, not so much.

How about Scotland? When we look at their actual data we see that there are more deaths (absolute number) and a higher RATE of death in the “fully-vaxxed” than in the unvaxxed. If you add the "Booster or 3 Doses" numbers to the "2 Doses" numbers, you see that there are 400 deaths for the month examined while at the same time there are only 61 deaths in the unvaxxed group. That's MORE THAN 6 TIMES MORE DEATHS in the fully-vaxxed/boosted than the unvaxxed! So in Scotland, out of 461 people who died, 400 were two or three-shotters. THAT'S 87%!! How is that POSSIBLE when we were just told, IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS that "The vast majority of patients - ANYWHERE FROM 75% AND GREATER - we're seeing is primarily unvaccinated individuals who are GETTING COVID and wind up in the hospital severely ill and are currently dying."? As we discussed last week, for reasons I will leave to your imagination, Scotland has stopped publishing these data. Maybe they got a call from Tony…

Anyway, we’re TOLD here by our talking heads and medical “experts” that ANYWHERE FROM 75% AND GREATER of the patients in hospital or dead are unvaccinated, yet from around the world we SEE ACTUAL DATA that strongly contradicts this story; not just a little bit different, but essentially the exact opposite. At the same time we find out that the CDC has been hiding important data for more than a year. What EXACTLY is going on here?

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