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So every once in a while I like to revisit this issue as I have addressed this several times and yet have never been given any answer let alone a satisfactory one to the question. That question being, "How do you explain this?"

Below you see a graph of 11 European countries measuring COVID deaths per million population. Measuring deaths “per million” gives us the “rate” of death across all countries so size of population doesn’t matter and we’re now comparing apples to apples (as best we can). For those who don’t quite understand this, if country “A” has 10 million people and 100,000 deaths and country “B” has 100 million people and 500,000 deaths, many would look at the raw number of deaths and conclude that country “A” did better (100,000 vs. 500,000 deaths). After all, country “B” has FIVE TIMES more deaths. But the fact is, country “A” had a death “rate” twice that of country “B” and therefore country “B” actually did much better.

Anyway, below we have this graph. You will notice that Sweden, which famously did essentially NONE of the things these other countries did (lockdowns, closing businesses, mask mandates, school closures, vax mandates) which we were told IN NO UNCERTAIN TERMS were absolutely NECESSARY to save the human race, still exists. And in point of fact, Sweden did pretty much no worse than any other country. I’m just curious how Fauci or Biden or any of your favorite talking heads who demonized Sweden and predicted Armageddon for them for well more than a year explain this. More importantly, why isn’t anyone in the media pressing these people for an answer. EXACTLY how do you explain this? Fauci once said something like "Well, things are different in the Nordic countries." because that's "science".

The answer is you explain it by admitting that all the hysteria and ensuing trampling of human rights we engaged in; and all the doomsaying we were bathed in, was wrong. I have been saying for more than two years that the virus is going to do whatever it damn well pleases regardless of our impotent attempts to "control" it. Plain and simple. How else could you possibly explain it? Are the Swedes some kind of super-humans? Was it magic? Luck? What gives? How is it possible that they did nothing and didn't all die?

Did Sweden do better than everyone else? No. Did they do worse? No. They pretty much fall right in the middle. NO lockdowns, NO mask mandates, NO school closures, NO vaccine hysteria, and yet, here they are. I would very much like those who INSISTED we do all these things (some still trying to enforce some of this nonsense even now) to be held accountable. They are either hysterical idiots or inveterate liars. Personally I believe almost all of them are way too stupid to be good liars but there are a few who purposely pushed the narrative to what I consider an evil end. Either way, that’s your choice. The people trying to tell you how you must live your life are either stupid or dishonest. Period. There is no third option.

Here’s what happened in Europe:

Here’s a cleaner look. Notice that for most of the time, Sweden did better than most of these other countries. In fact Sweden places sixth out of eleven in deaths per million. That is, they had the sixth lowest death rate.

Everyone knows (with more than 30 papers published) that lockdowns were not only useless but quite harmful (this has been known for more than a year and a half). Everyone knows your stupid mask is useless (I’ll revisit this again soon). Everyone knows keeping kids out of school was a disaster with no benefit. Everyone knows your stupid vaccine is all but useless; just ask twice vaxxed, twice boosted, double-masked Tony “Never Shake Hands Again” Fauci who just tested positive for the ‘rona. By the way, this is the first time in the history of the world that the abject failure of a product was blamed on those who didn’t use it and those who did use it but still got sick thanked the product that was supposed to protect them. That’s what you call science. Anyway, please remember this the next time the “experts” try to tell you how to live your life.

By the way, in case you're interested about what happened here in the states, Florida (which is our Sweden) is number 18 on the deaths per million list. That means they have the 18th highest death rate while being essentially wide open since all the way back to September of 2020. That puts them ahead of states like NJ (7), Michigan (10), New York (14), Pennsylvania (16); all of whom engaged in extreme draconian measures to "control" the 'rona. And that's with Florida having a crapton of old people. Hey remember when Mika Brzezinski called Florida a "death cult"? Funny I never heard her say anything about these other states even though they did worse than Florida. Oh well, I'm sure that's just an oversight by old Mika. Texas, also pretty much wide open for well over a year (remember President "Not my fault" called them Neanderthals) is number 28, and South Dakota (no mitigiation measures at all) is number 22. By what we've been told, all these states should essentially be graveyards. But they're not.

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