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So by now most of us with even just one last pair of functional neurons in our head realize the entire “pandemic” was WAY over-hyped and because of this either accidental or intentional “mistake” we have all paid a TREMENDOUS, perhaps incalculable price. Also as a result of this debacle, a great many of us have lost trust in our institutions of government and medicine; and rightfully so. They have absolutely earned that disrespect. But you should be aware that this is far from the first time the “experts” have gotten it wrong. It’s just that this is the first time our overlords imposed draconian, unconstitutional measures to “control” us.

Harken back to 1987 when no less than that paragon of virtue and wisdom Oprah Winfrey told us (my bold) “Hello, everybody. AIDS has both sexes running scared. Research studies now project that one in five--listen to me, hard to believe--one if five heterosexuals could be dead from AIDS at the end of the next three years. That's by 1990. One in five. It is no longer just a gay disease. Believe me." Sounds a lot like Joe Biden. And that would have meant somewhere around FIFTY MILLION heterosexuals dead by 1991 - NO JOKE MAN!

Also in 1987 US News and World Report told us “The disease of them suddenly is the disease of us . . . a plague of the mainstream, finding fertile growth among heterosexuals.” By 1991, according to the most conservative estimates, 270,000 people will have been stricken, 179,000 will have died—and new cases involving heterosexuals will have multiplied tenfold to 23,000.” Notice how in 1987 the term "them" is used to bring to our attention our "othering" of our fellow citizens. That's something Americans shouldn't do. Hey how'd we do with that idea this go-round?

By the end of 1991 “Heterosexual cases, including among Haitians and Africans, came to 10,279”. For the entire decade “From 1981 through 1990, 100,777 deaths among persons with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) were reported to CDC.” That’s ALL deaths, not just heterosexual deaths.

“The British Royal College of Nursing predicted that “A million people in Britain—one in fifty—will have AIDS in six years [1991] unless the killer disease is checked.” But “Only slightly more than 4,000 cases have been reported in all of the UK in the course of ten years of the epidemic.” Only over-predicted that one by 250 times.

But those nurses are amateurs compared to real “experts”. In October of 2001, the New York Times published a piece entitled “Estimates of Future Human Death Toll From Mad Cow Disease Vary Widely” in which we are told “But other leading experts who study the disease say that these numbers are based on overly optimistic assumptions. They say more than 100,000 people may die from the disease in the next several decades.”

And our old friend Neil Ferguson (he may be the one person on earth most responsible for the hysteria that gripped the world these last three years) “ epidemiologist in another group of highly respected researchers led by Dr. Roy Anderson at Imperial College in London, said the new estimates were ‘'unjustifiably optimistic.’' His group published estimates a year ago predicting that the number of variant C.J.D. cases might reach 136,000 in coming decades…Dr. Ferguson said, and the entire population is at risk, the worst case numbers would have to be multiplied by a factor of 2.5.” That could mean as many as 340,000 deaths. Alas, according to the BBC as of 2018 “Since 1995, when it was identified, 178 deaths have been attributed to vCJD.” Old Neil was only off by between 764 and 1,900 times the actual figure. TAKE THAT COLLEGE OF NURSES! Oh well, hey let's ask Neil what his "expert" prediction is for COVID.

Just remember this the next time some “expert” tells you the sky is falling. The medical establishment has totally failed us, again. But now that so many of us realize the Emperor has no clothes, maybe we’ll start taking better care of ourselves…and each other. One can dream.

Or maybe next time the boodeyman shows up we'll just go back to demonizing our neighbors and family members because the "experts" tell us we should. You know, whatever works for you.

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