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So in case you haven’t been paying attention, the species-saving golden idol COVID vaccine which was “95% effective” until it wasn’t that would “free you from your mask” until it didn’t and would ensure that you “would not get infected (or re-infected)” until you did, which we also “know” is safe was recently approved for your babies and toddlers. Hallelujah! But before you run over Grandma to get Junior to the front of the line, just ask yourself why, according to NewScientist as of May 19, 2022 (my bold for emphasis) “…only seven countriesArgentina, Bahrain, China, Chile, Cuba, Hong Kong and Venezuela – have approved a vaccine for younger children, mostly those 3 years or older. Cuba and Venezuela are the only countries where children as young as 2 can currently get vaccinated.” Yet here in the good old USA, we’re going all out to vaccinate babies as young as six months old. Are our “scientists” and “medical experts” just smarter and more caring than others around the world? The Swedes don’t even vaccinate kids ages 5-11 because “With the knowledge we have today, a low risk for serious disease for kids, we don’t see any clear benefit,” But we all know the Swedes are stupid and crazy (maybe even deplorable or Neanderthal or death-culters) and it is only by some fluke of universal fate that any Swede is still breathing today. So move on, nothing to see here. By the way, why stop at six month olds? Don’t five month old babies deserve the same chance at surviving this extinction level event? If it’s so important to vax your six month old to save his life, how can we be so callous about our two month olds? Shouldn’t Anthony Fauci be on hand to jab Junior as he exits the womb? This is COVID we’re talking about. You’re child’s risk of serious illness or death from COVID may be as high as four ten-thousandths of one percent! That’s even more of a risk than your child being attacked by a polar bear and a regular bear on the same day!! Let’s be clear about this risk. If I had a bowl with 1 million pennies in it and told you there are only four pennies in there from 1983, what do you think the possibility is that you could reach into that bowl of 1 million pennies and pull out only the four 1983 pennies? That’s what we’re talking about here.

Anyway, how is it POSSIBLE that essentially THE REST OF THE WORLD either doesn’t see a need to juice their babies or doesn’t trust the whole “safe and effective” nonsense. Spoiler alert, there is actually NO EVIDENCE that it is “effective” in young children (or even older children for that matter, and maybe not actually in anyone), and the “safe” part remains to be seen. But you go right ahead and play Russian roulette with your kid. If you didn’t read my piece the other day discussing lowered sperm counts in men who were vaccinated, you might want to think two or three times before you inject a completely experimental drug which was approved in a matter of weeks instead of years, with NO longer term safety data (beyond a few weeks) into your baby. Just a thought. As always, you do you.

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