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So as you may have heard, the geniuses who run Philadelphia have decided it’s a good idea to reinstate an indoor mask mandate in the City of Brotherly Love, just one short month after dropping the previous mask mandate because…science. I just posted a piece two days ago showing you AGAIN two MORE studies showing no value to mask-wearing whatsoever, but our overlords continue to think they know better. The story in the New York Times, once a publication at least pretending to be a legitimate news source, tells us (my bolding for emphasis) “With new coronavirus cases low but rising sharply in recent days, the city of Philadelphia announced on Monday that it will reinstate an indoor mask mandate a little more than a month after lifting it,” Why would they do this? Well, “‘This is our chance to get ahead of the pandemic’ said Cheryl Bettigole, the city’s health commissioner,” Really Cheryl? A chance to “get ahead” of the pandemic? Let’s take a look:

Here we see the case graph for Philadelphia. You will notice that the original mask mandate in Philadelphia was instituted LONG AFTER the original case count spike had declined to almost zero (June 26, 2020). This is the same pretty much anywhere you look. The incompetent liars, I mean experts, have told us for two years that this sort of thing is proof that masks work; we institute mask mandates and cases come down. But of course you can see with your very own eyes that that’s nonsense. Always has been. Understand that if mask mandates had any effect at all, then they would HAVE to show some deflection downward in the case count after they are instituted but they NEVER do. You will notice cases ran along the baseline from about June 2020 through about August 2020 (almost like the virus was…seasonal) and then started rising again in October (almost like the virus was…oh never mind) even though everyone was still wearing masks. Doesn’t look like anyone was “getting ahead” of anything, but whatever. Now let’s see what’s going on today:

The mask mandate in Philly was just lifted on March 7, well after the giant Omicron-driven spike several months ago. Hey, how’d those masks do (or those “95% effective” vaccines for that matter) to “get ahead” of the ‘rona? What’s that you say? Without the masks things would’ve been much worse? Bullocks! To channel Cuba Gooding Jr. “Show me the science!” What’s that you say? It doesn’t exist? Oh well, moving on…

Anyway, as you can see, “cases” in Philadelphia are now pretty much as low as they’ve ever been. The “sharply rising” case count in Philly as reported by the Times not withstanding, we see that cases actually have in fact skyrocketed from about a 120/day average last week all the way up to about a 170/day this week. This in a city of about 1,600,000 people. That’s a population case rate of about 0.01% or one one-hundredth of one percent. Egads! Give me two masks please!! This ridiculous and insane drive towards zero COVID will be the death of us all. Can you say “China”? But don’t worry, the new mask mandate will only stay in place until the “case numbers and rates go beneath a certain threshold.” What’s that threshold you ask? None of your damn business. This is “science” we’re talking about here and you’re way too stupid to understand so just shut up and obey!

Just look at the graph above, or any other graph from anywhere ever. No matter what we do, this virus is gonna virus. It’s gonna do WHATEVER it damn well pleases and there’s NOTHING we can do to stop it (Gee, where have I heard that before?). The people of Philadelphia (and everywhere else some hysterical, moronic “expert” tries this) have to stand up and say no. We MUST stop living in fear of COVID. If you want to get four or five shots and wear two masks and wash your mail and hide under your bed, have at it. But the rest of us must not allow our overlords to control how we live our lives anymore.

Will “cases” go up in Philadelphia? Probably (but probably not much). And then they’ll come down irrespective of your silly mitigation strategies, just like they have every other time everywhere on the planet. Have you ever wondered WHY cases don’t just keep going up? Why they go up and then come down in a pretty symmetrical fashion every time no matter what we do (or do not do)? Have you ever wondered why everyone in Florida or Texas or South Dakota isn’t already dead? Ever wonder how it’s possible that Rhode Island has the highest vaccine rate in the country but also has the highest case rate in the country? It’s long since past time to move on with life. As Popeye would say “Enough is enough, and enough is too much.”

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