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So if you’ve been following along, you will know two days ago I posted a piece on the stupidest “study” ever, found here: which found by using something some people call “science” that, remarkably, getting vaccinated protects you from getting in car accidents. And if you read yesterday’s post found here: you will know that an actual study that actually counted actual people and looked at their actual medical records and actual vaccination status found that, actually, the more vaccinated you are the more likely you are to catch COVID. I have also discussed many times that the vaccine doesn't really provide any protection at all. Aside from all the actual data I have provided, ponder that if the "survival" rate in America (the percentage of Americans not dead from COVID) after three years of this nonsense is north of 99.7%, how much "protection" against death could the magic elixir possibly provide? Before the vaccine by the way, the survival rate was 99.9%. If your risk of dying from COVID, even now three years in, is south of 1%, how much possible protection could the shot provide? With that background we come to today’s post.

Now there’s been a CRAPTON of lying going on around here for the last three years (provably) but this "study" and its promotion by the mainstream media and certain “science” people makes the rest of the lying look like a six-year-old telling you he didn’t break the cookie jar. Many of you (unfortunately) have probably seen or heard of this new “study” showing, as in this CNN headline (my bold): “Covid-19 vaccines have saved more than 3 million lives in US, study says, but the fight isn’t over” and you can be assured Aunt Karen will have this in her portfolio to “educate” you on Christmas day. This particular piece was written by yet another child playing dress-up and pretending to be some kind of reporter named Jen Christensen who, shockingly, is cited in her bio as a “documentary and data producer”. “Why is that shocking?” you ask? Let’s find out.

From her CNN piece: “The Covid-19 vaccines have kept more than 18.5 million people in the US out of the hospital and saved more than 3.2 million lives, a new study says – and that estimate is most likely a conservative one, the researchers say.” Well that sounds impressive. There have only been one million Americans counted as COVID deaths in three years (including the first year in a completely immune-naive population with no vaccines at all) and yet somehow these vaccines have saved three times that number in about half the time. Where do I sign up? Can I get two at once? And if you click the “new study” link you in fact come to this paper:

Wow, that looks impressive too. In her piece the “data producer" goes on to “report” stuff like, quoting some genius from Yale: “Moving forward, an accelerating uptake of the new booster will be fundamental to averting future hospitalization and death.” Amazingly, it ALWAYS comes back to vaccines, imagine that. This even though I just showed you, again with actual real life humans, that the booster was, at best, 30% effective, for a few months. IVY LEAGUE! And then there’s the requisite genuflecting to Dr. Science who said: “'Don’t wait. If you wait, you put yourself at risk,' Dr. Anthony Fauci, President Biden’s chief medical adviser and director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, said Friday at an AARP event. 'We’re entering the colder months of the late fall and the early winter. We’re all going to congregate with our families and friends for the holidays. If you are up to date, great. If you are not, get vaccinated now.'” Am I the only one who thinks it’s funny that they’re still telling us how Fauci is the “chief medical advisor” to the President and the “director” of the NIAID? Those descriptors have been in pretty much every single piece in which Fauci is mentioned for three years. Yeah, we get it, he’s DEFINITELY an expert, so you troglodytes better do what he says!

Moving on. One other interesting note in this CNN drivel: About 14% of the US population lives in an area that meets the CDC’s criteria for a “high” Covid-19 community level, including New York City, Los Angeles County and Maricopa County, Arizona” What’s interesting is these are three of the highest vaxxed areas in the country and somehow they’re all high in infections. Explanations?

Anyway, going back to the picture above of the “study” headline, while you’re being distracted by the big, definitive headline, you may not have noticed the tiny print to the left which says “Blog”. This IS NOT a study. This is a blog post. Let me be crystal clear. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO “SCIENCE” WHATSOEVER TO THIS STUDY. Contrary to what the “data producer" from CNN might lead you to believe, there is ABSOLUTELY NO DATA AT ALL to be analyzed. You can read the full “report” here: where you’ll find all kinds of nonsense as they throw around figures of life-savingness and financial benefitatiousness but when we get to the subheading explaining “HOW WE CONDUCTED THIS STUDY” we read “To evaluate the impact of the vaccination program in the United States, we expanded our age-stratified, agent-based model of COVID-19 to include waning of naturally acquired or vaccine-elicited immunity, as well as booster vaccination.”

This is a BLOG POST about a MODEL created by people who ASSUMED a certain efficacy of vaccine protection (which is not supported by any real data), then they input that assumption into a model they created using worst case scenario numbers that have NEVER HAPPENED in the real world, to come to a conclusion that is based on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This wouldn't pass muster in a high school freshman science class. They presupposed a certain result then proceeded to create a model and put in numbers that would get the model to spit out the numbers they presupposed. That's called "science". It is completely fabricated, based on nothing. One would think the "data producer" might have noticed a conspicuous lack of data in this "study" but I'd bet folding money she never actually read the paper. Journalism! Oh well, moving on...

But wait, there’s more. And it gets worse.

It turns out that everyone’s favorite liar Tony Fauci appeared on CNN (there’s a surprise) and when asked about vaccines, Dr. Science said “...I mean we have a vaccine that UNEQUIVOCALLY is highly effective and safe and has saved literally millions of lives. The Commonwealth Fund has come out with a report just this past week that vaccinations…has (sic) saved 3.2 million lives, 18 million hospitalizations, and approximately one trillion dollars in costs. So what’s the problem with vaccines?” It's easy to laugh at the abject stupidity of Fauci's statement, but this isn’t funny. Not even a little.

I have on more than one occasion queried whether Fauci is an idiot or a liar and have always landed on liar. It is inconceivable that a man of his station could be stupid so he must be a liar as he often says things that he must know are not true. Now I’m not so sure. As unthinkable as it is, Fauci may in fact just be your run-of-the-mill moron. Again, let me be clear. This Commonwealth nonsense is not a “study” of any kind. It is a blog post based ENTIRELY on modeling, projection, and wishful thinking. There is NO DATA whatsoever. They made it up based on other people's models and estimates. Yet Anthony Fauci goes on CNN and regurgitates the figures made up in this report as if they were some kind of facts. They are NOT facts, of any kind. He MUST know this, yet there he is presenting this completely made up garbage to the American people (well at least to the 17 people watching CNN) who will now “know” these “data” on vaccines. If Fauci wants to quote some blog post let him try “Anthony Fauci is an inveterate liar who should spend the rest of his tiny little life in prison.”

So once and for all, Anthony Fauci is either an idiot or a liar. He must be one of the two. Now I will dare, nay, triple-dog dare (etiquette breach) anyone out there to present some evidence that he is not. He either doesn’t understand the reality of this blog post which makes him an idiot, or he does know it’s complete pablum and yet he spews it out as if it’s fact, which makes him a liar. There is no third option. Prove me wrong.

And Merry Christmas.

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