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So hat-tip to Phil Harper on substack (check him out) for this heads-up. Here’s an article published May 31, 2022 analyzing the rates of serious adverse events from the vaccine vs. those from the actual illness of COVID. The title:

The meaning of serious adverse events was defined: “Pfizer and Moderna used nearly identical definitions, consistent with regulatory expectations. An SAE was defined as an adverse event that results in any of the following conditions: death; life-threatening at the time of the event; inpatient hospitalization or prolongation of existing hospitalization; persistent or significant disability/incapacity; a congenital anomaly/birth defect; medically important event, based on medical judgment.” So these are not side effects like sore arms or minor fevers. We all got it? Good.

What did these researchers find?

So let’s be clear. The Pfizer vaccine buys you a “protection” of ending up in the hospital from COVID of 0.023%. That’s a “protection” of twenty-three one-thousandths of one percent. That’s by Pfizer’s own data. Twenty-three one-thousandths of one percent. Was that what you believed you thought you knew you would be getting from the vax? But more importantly, the risk of having a SERIOUS adverse event from the vaccine is more than FOUR TIMES GREATER than your risk “protection” of ending up in the hospital from the virus.

This is just more smoke indicating a smoldering fire concerning the “safety” of these vaccines. Did Tiny Tony or Rochelle or Joe ever tell you that? Did you hear about this study from CNN or MSNBC? No? Didn’t think so. Remember this when they tell you how “safe” this new booster is and how important it is to get the new and improved booster which will definitely work…DEFINITELY (at least for a month, maybe even two). Pay attention; it’s your life (or more importantly your child’s life) we’re talking about. If you are even relatively healthy, you have nothing to worry about from the virus which must not be named.

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