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So if you read my post “IS ‘LONG COVID’ REALLY A THING?” back in June (find it here you’ll know that “long COVID” is, as of yet, NOT really a thing. The ONLY objective risk factors associated with long COVID are being female, and suffering from anxiety. Sorry, don’t kill the messenger. The point of that piece was to once again (time number one jillion) expose the incompetence and lying of our incompetent and lying overlords and medical “experts”.

Anyway, here’s another look at your CDC at work. It turns out the CDC has a website for something called the “Household Pulse Survey” where anyone can self-report their experience with COVID, which of course if very “scientific”, and from this very scientifically gleaned data, the government then tells us all how many of us suffer from the aforementioned long COVID. SCIENCE!

Now amongst other things, what’s interesting is that when you go to the CDC’s page blaring the headline “Nearly One in Five American Adults Who Have Had COVID-19 Still Have “Long COVID”, the first words are “New data from the Household Pulse Survey” which is a link to the Survey home page. But none of the “new data” listed on the “Nearly One in Five” page seems to match any of the data listed on the Survey page. The “Nearly One in Five” page has not been updated since June 22 so that may account for the difference in numbers, but it certainly doesn’t seem so. You can look at the reported numbers and the linked data yourself and let me know if you can figure it out, but the really interesting thing here is what data the CDC collects, and what it doesn’t.

They give you data by sex (male and female), by age, by race, education, disability, and by state. But what’s REALLY interesting is (my bold) “Bisexual adults and transgender adults (7.5%) were more likely to have current long COVID symptoms than adults of other sexual orientations and gender identities. 12% of bisexual adults have current long COVID symptoms, compared to 7% of straight and gay and lesbian adults. An estimated 15% of transgender adults have current long COVID symptoms, compared to 5% of cis-gender male adults and 9% of cis-gender female adults.”

First of all, what possible “science” could this type of data inform? What possible reason could there be to inquire as to someone’s sexual proclivities or orientation as it might relate to long COVID? And what possible “science” could explain the higher long COVID prevalence in say bisexuals vs. gay or lesbian adults? This is the utter NONSENSE that our overlords consider “science” and you’re still listening to them?

So it’s bad enough that our ultimate “science” agencies are collecting this kind of data; what’s even MORE interesting is what data they DON’T collect. Can you guess what it is? How about vaccine status? How about if you were in fact vaccinated, were you infected before or after (or both) your vax? Or maybe you were vaccinated but never infected at all and you still "have" long COVID? If long COVID was actually a thing, wouldn’t it be interesting to know whether one’s vaccine experience somehow plays into your long COVID experience (for good or for bad)? Maybe being vaccinated causes more long COVID; maybe less. Shouldn't we be curious about this? No? Guess not.

Liars and idiots.

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